You had to buy that one???

I believe that was the question that Kurt has been yelling at me several times over the past few weeks. He was home all last week but of course when you have a farm you are never just able to take a week off and not do anything. He was doing the barn chores and farm projects. I got daily calls cursing my horse ūüôā

I sort of laughed it off because Kurt’s a grumpy sort just like Letterman. Not to mention Junior (my former horse/now Kurt’s horse) is a real ass so no picking on my horse! Apparently, Letterman wouldn’t go in his stall to eat and then when he got him in there and shut the door he plowed into Kurt and the proceeded to freak out. Um, yep sounds normal for Letterman. He has these little incidents sometimes where he just gets unsettled and he runs around with his tail up over his back snorting and doing big trots which then lead to madhouse gallops. Drives Kurt crazy because he rips up the fields and gets all the other horses running around thinking there is something to be afraid of.

I generally don’t let it bother me. I really don’t need a super loving horse on the ground. However, he really pushed my buttons this week when he wouldn’t let me catch him for several days. We had gotten a bunch of rain so I turned them out in the riding ring. All was well for an hour while we did barn chores and then he got them all started running. Well if you know me than you know how much I love my riding ring. I baby it and want it perfect. Kurt is even worse when it comes to the riding ring.

We managed to grab the two new horses in (London and Areutrue) because they are totally freaked out by Letterman and want to get the heck away from him. We are trying to catch Letterman but he wants no part of it. As we are getting the other horses he is galloping wildly in and out of them as we put their halters on them. He’s doing sliding stops and very impressive rodeo moves. Kurt was livid!

I manged to get Letterman’s buddy in but 30 min of trying to catch Letterman and he’s just not going to be caught. I tried every trick in the book. After a few hours he got hungry and wanted to come in so I was able to catch him.

The same not going to be caught behavior went on for a few days over the weekend. However, I was determined not to feed him if he wasn’t going to be caught. He couldn’t just walk into his own stall. He¬†had to let me catch him and bring him in. Ha, take that. I finally got to the point where I could catch him but then he was giving me issues taking his halter off trying to bolt away from me. Nope, we will do 100 circles around your stall and you’re not going out until we deal with this.

The past few days he’s been back to normal Letterman. Searching for carrots and being nosey. I don’t know if it was just the new horses coming in that caused him to get a bug up his butt but he had me doing a l0t of cussing.

Thankfully, he does make up for it when I ride him. He has been really awesome and we are practicing cantering some cavaletti’s¬†and he’s doing great. The free jumping really helped him get a bit more forward. He’s pretty slow to ride compared to the wild man free jumping display you all saw in the video. I wish he was that brave under saddle but it’s coming which I’m very excited about.

He really enjoys the jumping and I think if it was up to him he would never do flatwork. I’ve been trying not to stress the flatwork¬†too much as it does make him grumpy. I acknowledged the fact that I wasn’t buying him to do flatwork and he’s more or less my go have fun horse. We all need one of those! We haven’t been able to trail ride as much due to lack of daylight and hunting so jumping is¬†a way to keep him looking forward to his workouts. I think part of the reason that he let me finally catch him was that he got tired of seeing me ride all the other horses. He does like to work so maybe he decided it was worthwhile to be caught.

Areutrue¬†and London are figuring out that beet¬†pulp is tasty. Areutrue¬†pretty much eats anything but London is more cautious of new food. I also make all their meals very soupy¬†with warm water and London thought that was a bit bizarre. They have both settled in really nicely now and you can tell they have the routine down. Areutrue¬†is one of those super-duper¬†easy horses. Okay, whatever you want is always his answer. London is more of a baby always wanting to investigate, put things in his mouth, look around and he loves licking stuff which makes me laugh. He’s so sweet and just makes me want to hug him all the time.

I had a little lunging session with them both to introduce them to working under the lights. They both seemed to care less which is great!


5 responses to “You had to buy that one???

  1. Jessica, I had issues catching Opus and taught him clicker training, which did seem to work. It also seemed to be a temporary thing because he really has not done it again. So hopefully this too shall pass!

  2. I just love your posts. They are so thoughtful, honest and often humorous. Thank you for sharing .

  3. I suspect you have an affinity towards the ‘special’ equine characters that come your way.

  4. Ha, Punch gets pretty full of himself with coming in to eat. Since our stalls open to the dry lot and then the pasture, I have to make a conscious effort to halter him at each feeding, take a few steps in various directions and THEN go in to eat. It’s the independent coming and going on that can turn his normal nice self into a stomping, kicking, thrashing beast.

  5. Yes I envy your arena! ours has no footing…yet! Just a lot of muddy dug up clay dirt. May I ask how you got yours so nice? Is it limestone? How deep did you go with the footing? Can’t wait for better weather so i can work on mine…thanks!

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