Fantastic weekend with all the horses

I already shared my good news on finding an awesome home for Pegasus in my last blog post. This weekend was just a really great weekend where all things horse related seemed to be clicking.

On Saturday, my mom came over with her young horse (Hold that Halo) so that we could do some jumping courses together. I had moved the jumps all around and added some black barrels to jump. I figured it would be very interesting to see how all the horses reacted to the barrels. Letterman started out on the wrong foot when I went over to put some wings on the barrels and in the process of taking my reins over his head he ran backwards and got loose. He’s special ๐Ÿ™‚ It took him about 15 minutes of riding all around the black barrels to convince him they weren’t going to bite. He’s not really a hot horse and he wasn’t doing anything bad but he’s not very trusting of change. The worst he was doing was not going straight and instead cocking his head so he could keep his eye on those barrels.

My mom’s 3yr is just so smart and awesome. He didn’t seem concerned by the barrels or my runaway loose horse. While we were riding the horses were running around in the field but both our horses handled that really well.

Letterman’s jumping has been steadily improving and he’s gained a ton of confidence. I think the free jumping session really helped him get a bit more forward and I’ve been cracking down on him about not being allowed to stop at the fences. He’s now much straighter between my hand and leg and going to the fences on his own accord.

Having somebody else there allows you to push each other so we both were sort of going oh crap we have to jump those damn barrels ๐Ÿ™‚ Mom did her course first and did have a stop at the barrels which made me all that more determined to get around with no stops. I’m happy to announce that we jumped the black barrels of doom on our very first attempt. That is BIG news for Letterman. He’s really become confident in himself and maybe in me that he can do things even when he’s scared. He jumped everything in the ring and felt awesome. I was so proud of him!!!!! He’s such a fun horse to ride and so athletic. I really enjoy him and that is all that matters. It’s nice to have something of my own to play around on.

He’s an interesting horse to me because while he is very cocky he’s also cautious. I think that I have shown him that he has to trust his I’m hot stuff instinct more than his flight instinct. When he does something that is challenging he starts doing flying lead changes and strutting his stuff. He puffs himself all up like he is showing off. I love that and will keep working to make him feel that he can conquer everything.

I worked with London a bit on lunging this weekend since he really doesn’t know how to lunge. We practiced lunging all around the ring including lunging around the black barrels. He was very good and lord can that horse move. He is jaw dropping especially when he’s a bit fired up about scary black barrels. I want to put in some good groundwork to establish our relationship.

Areutrue is a horse that doesn’t do much for me when I look at him. I know that will change but right now he’s in need of weight, muscle and an overall change in shape. I put a pair of front shoes on him as he looked a bit foot sore. I can’t tell you just how cool this horse really is. He’s super broke, great balance, lovely feel in his mouth, naturally forward and just so willing to do anything. I ride him around and keep telling everybody this horse is going to be FANCY! Keep in mind this is ride number 2 and he’s very out of shape.

He naturally wants to go on the bit and work from behind. He just gives you a great feeling of a horse who has all the right stuff.

Here is some video of him on his second ride. Doesn’t he already look stronger?

I am lucky to have such a fun bunch of horses to work with right now. I also have two horses for a client and they are also awesome ottb’s that are super fun. Keeps me busy but you can’t help but to be motivated when you are achieving such awesome results of getting nice horses into new homes.


One response to “Fantastic weekend with all the horses

  1. I loff him! He has such a kind willing face. Can’t wait to see how he continues to blossom. Good luck with Letterman-he’s a piece a work =;)
    I enjoy reading your chronicles all year long Jess and I wish you and Kurt a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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