What a way to start the New Year!

I’ve had a really fantastic 2011 working with CANTER. We have rehomed a lot of horses and I’ve made a lot of good friends along the way. Yesterday, we started 2012 with watching Ramblin Romeo head off to his new home.

Ramblin Romeo is a horse that I knew at Delaware Park that ended up at New Holland. Bev Strauss, from Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue, called and told us he was there and could we take him. He arrived early spring and came here in September to get some retraining.

He is one of those horses that is just naturally broke. Goes right on the bit, eager to please and is a total professional. When Pegasus’s new owner was here he told me that he had another friend looking for a quiet horse to use for trail riding, ring work and some of the ceremonial police events. I went through my list of horses and knew that Romeo was their horse.

I picked him up on Friday and within 15 min of him getting here I gave him a little refresher ride. He was just perfect as he always had been.

He got a bath and was ready to impress. Jon arrived with his trainer and Bill (Pegasus’s owner) so they could help to advise him. Jon is not a horse person so he wanted to make sure he wasn’t getting in over his head which is very smart to do. I rode Romeo and showed him off a bit. Jon got on and although a beginner rider he has good basics. He walked and trotted Romeo all around and really liked him. I think it really does take a TB with a super good mind to be ridden on the buckle with the reins  long and with somebody that is not quite balanced on their back. They have to not take advantage of them which is why I recommended Romeo. He has the personality and attitude that makes a great horse to learn on.

Jon’s trainer then got on and rode him around and asked him to walk up to all the scary stuff in the ring just to see how he handled it. She was very impressed with Romeo and couldn’t believe how soft he was in the bridle and well broke he was for his minimal amount of training.  She thought he would be a super horse for Jon.

Yesterday, they came to pick him up and he walked right on the trailer. I got an awesome text message with Romeo in his new stall with his head hanging over the door. I know he’s going to be thrilled to have all this attention. They said he settled right in and that everybody loves him. I really think that Romeo knows he was almost headed off to a bad place. I’ve never met a horse who tries so hard to please. I can’t wait to follow his progress with Jon.

No better way to start the new year than to watch a deserving horse get a great home!


3 responses to “What a way to start the New Year!

  1. Awesome!

  2. Jess, awesome news! So many horses have found good homes thanks to all of you incredible ladies.

  3. This is the compliment to Pegasus’ entry – Merry Christmas (Pegasus) to Happy New Year (Romeo)!


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