Letterman and London showing off

I have been shouting to the world that Letterman is a different horse but I haven’t had any video to prove that he really is. Well check out the improved version of Letterman. Far from perfect but a long way from where we started.


I only get to ride him 2-3 days a week so he’s not really in shape but I’m happy to see that he is feeling good in his body.

The weather has been hit or miss lately so I have been inconsistent with riding. I got on London on Monday and realized that perhaps I should lunge. He wasn’t doing anything bad but he felt a bit balled up like he just couldn’t go forward. I just stuck him on the lunge line for 5 min and he took a deep breath and then was just fine. It was cold and very windy so I don’t blame him for feeling good. You can’t expect a horse to be perfect if you aren’t riding on a consistent basis.

I have been trying to figure out bitting on London. I was using a herm sprenger duo which is thin flexible rubber bit but I’m not sure he loved it. I thought that I would try something else so I rode him in an eggbutt jp with an oval piece in the middle. He’s really super soft in the mouth and if anything he is a push type of ride. He is built very correctly with a neck that comes uphill out of his shoulder so the work should be easy for him in time. I’m not trying to ride him in a frame but I do want him to come forward into the hand working from behind.

I can already see a huge difference in him because he is now figuring out to go forward and he’s starting to stretch into the contact. I’m working on really pushing him from inside leg to outside rein. He overbends a bit going right and not enough bend going left. Some of his protests are me making him move off my left leg.


He has went from not being able to hold the canter at all to now cantering circles and a few laps around the ring. He is testing his boundaries out a bit with the leaning just trying to find his balance. This is very typical for a young horse and my job is just to keep the contact so he can’t pull through it and add leg. Lots of leg 🙂

He is figuring out the jumps nicely..I totally can do a better job letting go of the contact a bit more to the fence. I’m trying to steer too much with my reins and not going forward enough. I’m always working to improve and it’s never fun to watch yourself on video..yuck!

I’m super impressed with London because he has less than 30 rides on him and he had just been hanging in a field for 2yrs. This is going to be a heck of a horse. He just has the feeling of a super athletic fancy type when you ride him. I’m very pleased with his progress and how quickly he picks everything up.


4 responses to “Letterman and London showing off

  1. Wow, Jess they look great!!! Tell me more about London, I almost wish I didnt have one of my own 🙂

  2. Letterman looks awesome, quite a difference in him! It’s neat to see his trot improve after his canter work.

  3. I have to agree with Jill that Letterman looks FABULOUS! Great job Jess!

  4. London is my kind of guy! Details?

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