Comparison lunging video’s of Letterman

I was getting a bit riled up today reading the Chronicle of the Horse Bulletin board. I really try to ignore most of the things that people say regarding Tb’s but the whole they look lame thing sometimes gets to me. I have shown on this blog just how funky horses can look when they are letting down/starting retraining. They are body sore, muscles hurt, feet hurt and are being asked to travel in a completely different way. They do not look like show horses and it’s normal. You have to look at what they will become not at what they happen to be at that very moment. I will get off that topic before I get riled up again.

I was writing on that thread about Letterman and how he was body sore, angry, lacked a forward button and just was a horse that looked unhappy. I knew he was sound because I could feel that he was sound. It was just his muscles and body protesting the new work. He had been at the track for 6yrs and now we were asking him to use all new muscles and carry himself differently. Yes, he sure was sore. Who wouldn’t be?

Lunging in July of 2011

Lunging tonight

I love at minute 2:30 when he gets all sorts of silly. You can hear the Letterman snort and we get the prancy trot. Hilarious! Watching the two video’s which are 7 months apart it looks so different to me. He couldn’t canter at all before! Now he still finds cantering the small circles hard but he can easily make the transitions in a balanced fashion. He’s forward, stretching and relaxed. His expression is one of a happy horse who is enjoying what he’s doing and is looking for things to spook at just because he feels good 🙂

When he came in to his retraining I just kept him out of the ring as much as I could. He trail rode several times a week and just learned to go forward and use those back muscles. It took time but he did get worse before he got better. He’s still a bit weak behind right now because I only ride him 1-2 days a week but for a horse in winter shape I won’t complain.



2 responses to “Comparison lunging video’s of Letterman

  1. Holy Cow, he has turned into quite a powerhouse! He looks great.

  2. I just bought a horse who will be 3 this summer. I have been working on lunging and I can’t seem to get him to do this. To the right he is incredible,(weird I know) but to the left, we do 3/4 of a cirlce, and then he faces his butt towards me, and starts walking or trotting off away from me. This is VERY frustrating. Any idea, or help is greatly appreciated.

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