How can this be?

I have no pictures of Areutrue!!!! That is how I know that Kurt and I have been beyond busy the past several months. I was all set to start writing up an ad for Artie and then boom no pictures. Guess I know what I will be doing this weekend 🙂 Kurt has been working more than ever and with lack of daylight the only time to get pictures is on the weekends which are typically our farm projects time. He comes out and does some pics/video for about one horse before he goes off to work on his projects. He will be leaving for 6wks here soon so I need to work on pics/video before he goes.

We were giving Artie some time to gain some muscle and weight before we advertised him so I focused on London for a bit. Now that London has went to his new home I’m set on finding the perfect person for Artie. He’s looking really good now and has gained quite a bit of weight. His feet are balanced up and he has gained a bunch of muscle finally starting to fill out his big frame.

Part of it is that I have also been reluctant to let him go. I know it’s my job but there are always certain horses that just steal your heart and he is one of them for me. I think it’s just because he has the absolute best attitude that a rider can ask for in a horse. He’s kind, smart, willing and sensible. He gets better every single ride and when you ride him you just feel that he is giving it his all every time. He really won me over when we made that trip to the indoor and he walked in there on a loose rein like he had been in 1000 indoors when we know that is not the case 🙂 He went right to work and when the horse that was in there with him left the indoor he went on like he didn’t even notice. Um, my horse noticed and made a huge fuss. He also stood perfectly to be tacked/untacked coming right off the trailer in a new place. That I can really appreciate!

Artie is a farm owners dream horse. He doesn’t care what is going on in the barn or where his buddies are. He doesn’t even holler. I just got a new horse in over the weekend and moved Artie in there with him because I know that Artie just accepts everybody and instantly makes friends. He has perfect manners and is so quiet that sometimes you forget about him.

I have shown him to a few people who have come out horse shopping (he’s not advertised yet though) and while they like him they haven’t loved him. I acknowledge that he is still a work in progress but he’s still my favorite 🙂

He’s not a spring chicken at 8yrs old and he is just 16h. His feet needed some work but they are really coming around. He does have one foot that is a bit clubby but it’s very mild and I suppose that I’m so used to that sort of thing that it’s just no big deal to me. He has good quality of wall which is the most important factor that I look at because I know that feet take time to adjust so if the quality of wall is good then I’m happy.

He’s the type of horse that you watch go and you think he’s cute but perhaps not fancy enough. However, when I ride him I think he will be fancy because all the pieces are there. I have begun jumping him over bigger fences and oh my!!!! Over little stuff he just steps over but as the fences have gotten bigger he has such a good jump. I just start giggling because all of a sudden you are flying and he gives you this awesome feeling in the middle of the jump. Hot damn! Yes, he still moves a bit up and down and he wants to curl behind the bit but he’s only had two months of training. That all comes in time and for me the trainability is what I want to see in a horse. I can fix the rest.

I call him the ultimate professional. When you are working he’s forward and focused but when he’s done he is happy to stand there on the buckle and is often falling asleep. His little lip droops and his cute little ears flick forward. He’s totally relaxed. I appreciate that in a horse because I want them to have an on/off switch. My friend Rebecca who bought Burgiss from me would appreciate these qualities him. She told me that it was important that the horse would be quiet enough after a lesson to hang out and drink a beer off of 🙂 Yes, that is important!

I suppose above everything, I find him to be FUN! I bought Letterman because every time I took him on a trail ride or paper chase I came back with a huge smile on my face and a better outlook on life. Artie is the same kind of horse because he’s just so darn game to do anything you want. He’s that all around horse that an amateur rider can feel safe on because you aren’t going to be worried that you might get hurt. He’s honest and willing which makes you look forward to riding not dread it.

I didn’t get to take him xc last weekend because of the bad weather but I hope to get him out and about somewhere this weekend. I promise to have pictures and video 🙂 I also see that one of my vet’s has a lovely course set up in her ring for the greenies so I may see if I can take him up there to ride. We are in the process of adding more sand to our ring so I don’t have a course up right now.


5 responses to “How can this be?

  1. I’ve actually admired AreYou from the get-go but because he wasn’t posted on the Available or Available Soon lists, I thought for some odd reason that you had bought him, hmm. I will keep my eye out! There is something special about him, IMHO!

    • Kim, We like to put a few months of training into all of them before we advertise them. He should be up soon (once I get my pics!).

  2. Aww, he sounds just like Encore! Although I am STILL working on those feet, what a mess. But we are making progress and he is getting more comfortable every week. Hooves are just sooooo slowwwwwww….

  3. rebecca macchione

    Artie makes me wish I could have Fergus and Artie. I have loved him from the first video. I am sure he will make somebody a very happy post ride beer drinking buddy. Fergus ( formerly known as Burgiss ) continues to delight! He is anxiously waiting for the green grass to come in so he can hand graze while Dee and I pop out the cold ones!

  4. If I could afford to keep my semi-retired horse and another horse, I’d want one just like him! I’ve been eyeing him up since the first video. 🙂 So cute. I hope he goes to the best of homes!

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