I have now documented the awesome

What a perfect day to be off work. Kurt and I put three horses on the trailer for a trip over to my mom’s farm. We had sand added to our ring so we are letting it set up a bit before we add the jumps back in.

The first gush about Areutrue begins with trailer loading. I have a 2+1 so we take out the first two horses to load and he just quietly stands in the barn without a peep. Not caring that his two friends just left him. I take him out to load him on the box and he just stands there with the lead rop over his head while I stuff the hay bag.

We unload him first at my moms and take him in to brush him (he got a bath first thing this morning) and he was just chilling out. We try to get him to perk up a bit for his conformation pictures. He’s looking so much better. He’s quite a wide horse and is going to be a tank when he finishes adding muscle/weight.

Hilarious face!

What I love so much about him is that he’s just so professional. I know I’ve said it tons before but it really makes a big difference for somebody who wants a horse that will just do it’s job without all the drama. He didn’t even look at a thing in the ring. Just went right to work. He progresses so quickly it is almost amazing. My mom had just seen him last week and thought he already looked a ton better in his frame. He has the tendency to curl so I have played with bits. I didn’t love him in the herm sprenger duo so I tried the super thin kk loose ring and he liked that.

He’s still weak in the canter but the hind leg is amazing and when it all comes together it’s going to be amazing! You have to use a ton of leg to keep him up in the canter. He wants to curl a bit and then break to the trot so it’s leg..leg and more leg. He is really starting to figure it out. Here are all of his pictures if you want to look- http://www.flickr.com/photos/11833417@N05/sets/72157628474796485/

Um, this is the hind leg!

He’s not done a ton of jumping but he really likes jumping. He’s been dead honest to everything in my ring but my mom had a bit more to look at so I wasn’t sure how he would do. Why do I even question these sorts of things. He was totally awesome. Please ignore my position..really I hardly ever jump so my position feels like a struggle. Everytime I start something over fences it sells and I go back to not jumping again for several months.

Just look at how cute he is. He’s pretty blah over little stuff because it bores him but give him something bigger and his ears perk up.

He had never even done a line before or cantered a fence but he was totally game. Here is his video.

When we finished up he loaded back on the trailer and stood there eating his hay bag for another hour if not more. I rode another horse and then took Letterman off and found a twisted shoe. Poor boy didn’t get to be ridden and I know he was disappointed.

Tomorrow Areutrue gets to go XC!!!!



3 responses to “I have now documented the awesome

  1. He’s a beauty!

  2. Yes please, just send him to Alabama for me mmmmkkk????

  3. I love him! I want him! 🙂 Haha if only!! Keep on updating!

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