Our xc outing

Artie once again proved how awesome his brain is during his first xc schooling. We had issues with our video camera called somebody turned it on in the bag and drained the battery so it was dead. Very frustrating!

We went to Carousel Park and rode out with my mom on CMA’S Hold that Halo. Did I mention that I would like to steal him??? Wow, he’s just so lovely. She brought him over a week ago and I didn’t want to get off of him. Not only is he just lovely to look at but he jumps anything you point him at!

I was super proud of Artie. He didn’t look at a thing and hacked around on a loose rein. At one point my mom went off to jump a course and I was there all by myself which on a greenie can sometimes be a really bad thing. Artie didn’t even care. Yes, he noticed but besides pooping several times you wouldn’t have known he was at all nervous about it.

He really seemed to enjoy the water jump and we practiced going up and down some banks which he thought were fun.

Whoa…calm down…wild ottb on the loose 🙂

Look how hard he’s concentrating

Down banks always feel so awkward

55 degrees in the middle of February and out for a stroll

 Modeling his gorgeous bridle donated to CANTER MA by Five Star Tack.

Kurt caught this great picture of my mom jumping her first jump into the water on Halo. What a brave boy!

We were supposed to get snow but looks like that is not happening now so I think I may be able to get in a nice trail ride tomorrow on Artie where we go to jump some more logs.


6 responses to “Our xc outing

  1. ..I am an avid reader of this blog…I have a canter Ohio mare we have had for 11mos and I have been looking for a figure 8 bridle that I like…My regular places don’t carry one I really like….I much prefer the one Five Star donated and would love to support them…Is it the Chelsea bridle ?



  2. Sighhhhhhh. If I could talk my husband into another horse, I would take Artie in a heartbeat 🙂

  3. I can’t believe you still have him. He’s gorgeous.

  4. A newcomer, I just found your blog. What an amazing job you do with these guys! Since I just got here, but read almost all the posts on the page, I’ll ust comment all over. The “TBs are lame, ugly, spooky, etc.” people are the same people who buy tract houses; they have no sense of potential and can’t see the possibilities (I just bought a house that needed work, it was a ready analogy!). I’m so very glad you can, and not only that, but have the experience to see that potential fulfilled. Congrats and good luck in the future. I hope to see the good work continued for a long time!

  5. Wow! I didn’t realize how gorgeous Artie is!! Lust!

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