CANTER Mid Atlantic at the Delaware Horse Expo

We had been asked to ride in the parade of breeds for the Delaware Horse Expo representing ottb’s. I figured it was a great opportunity to show off what CANTER MA does and meet some new people. My local area consists mostly of western riders and either quarter horses or standardbreds.

I had planned on taking Areutrue but we think he just slipped in the field and twisted his ankle. I had the vet out and she said he’s hardly even noticeable but it was enough for me to just have her out to make sure I wasn’t being too casual about it. He is getting a rest and I will evaluate him this week. I’m sure it’s just a case of boys being naughty in the field!

I had asked Michelle Byrum if she was interested in bringing her horse that she bought from CANTER. Rustyshouldrun is another horse that has a great mind and I thought he could handle the crazy chaos that goes along with these types of events. She was thrilled to represent ottb’s/CANTER MA so we kicked off the weekend with her first trail ride on Rusty.

Now Michelle hasn’t really had a lot of experience on the trails but she was game to give it a go. It was gorgeous on Friday and I had off work so my mom and Michelle came to join me. Mom and I tend to really move along, nothing crazy but a good deal of trotting/cantering. We kept asking Michelle if she was okay and she would just grin and say let’s go! She had a smile on her face the whole time. I think we have her hooked to life outside the ring 🙂

I took this photo to document Michelle’s first trail ride and I was cracking up when I saw it. Rusty is exhausted and ready for his nap and Michelle is on a natural high that you get from an awesome trail ride.

We left bright and early Saturday morning to haul into the expo. The barn was super busy with lots of horses in and out. Rusty settled right into his stall and went to eating his hay. He thought the standardbred across from him was pretty cute.

We got him tacked up not really knowing what his reaction was going to be. There were 20+ horses in this indoor ring riding around at all speeds. Lots of people walking up and down the noisy metal bleachers. Horses carrying flags. Loud speakers making a bunch of noise and much more. Rusty had never been to a horse show so besides the racetrack he had never seen so much commotion. I know Michelle was nervous but she must have a lot of trust in Rusty because she didn’t show her nerves. I advised her to just go in and let him trot if he wanted to because letting them go forward always helps.

Rusty didn’t seem to care about a thing as you can see in this video.

Wild TB!

I was super excited to see another former horse- Auto Pilot representing ottb’s and Gambler’s Choice Equestrian Center. You all may remember him as the 10yr breeding stallion that was found at New Holland with a bunch of mares and foals on Kentucky Derby Weekend 2011. I helped rehabbed him, had him gelded and he was sold to his current owner (Amy Johnson) who adores him. We are all grateful to his many supporters who paid his way out of harms way and enabled him to get a proper start in life. Doesn’t he look amazing!

Here is a video clip of Auto Pilot

We took Rusty home overnight and brought him back again today for round 2 of the horse expo. He was even more relaxed today if that is possible. We did find one thing that got him a bit upset. MINI’s!!!! Mini’s pulling carts OMG.

Rusty’s version of being scared was to plant himself and not move. He was not convinced he could walk past those scary things attached to carts. I went and got him to get him into the ring and he was back to his normal sleepy self.

It’s too bad Michelle and her husband Lane don’t love Rusty very much 🙂

Michelle told me she was so excited to represent CANTER MA because Rusty is one of the best things that has ever happened to her. He is a part of their family and she wants everybody to have a chance to find their “Rusty.”

It is really rewarding for me to see my former horses out and about. CANTER MA horses rock!


4 responses to “CANTER Mid Atlantic at the Delaware Horse Expo

  1. Yes, they do rock!

  2. I love happy endings (and beginnings).

  3. Michelle and Rusty did a great job! Thanks again Jess, Michelle, Lane, and Rusty!

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