Areutrue is off to his new home

Some horses just work their way into my heart more than others and Areutrue was one of my favorite horses that have come through the program so far. I really value a horse that is just so kind and willing to give 100% every ride. He was just so fun and easy to live with. As a barn owner, one of the best things that I can say about a horse is that they are easy.

He was bought by Jim Griffin who is one of the MFH for Wicomico Hunt. I have known Jim for several years and he has always been so kind to me as I learned about foxhunting and took several of the CANTER horses out. Jim leads the 2nd flight for Wicomico and needed a horse that was confident leading the group but could follow as well. It really takes a horse with the right mind for that particular job and I’m confident Artie will be an amazing partner for Jim.

I’m happy that he stayed local and that I will get plenty of opportunities to see him out and about. He plans on doing some of the paper chases that Wicomico is hosting. I hope to attend a few and see Artie in action. If anybody local is interesting in attending the paper chases you can click on the calendar link on their website to get the flyer-

I will be bringing two CANTER horses from the layup farm back to my farm for retraining. I’m not even sure who I will bring yet. There are four geldings – Raymond, Gavilan Peak, Sweeter than Fudge and No Time for Love. Three mares- Her Way’s Okay, Dazzle and Shine and Wonderful Wise. My farm is small so it is hard to have mares when I have all geldings. I may take two geldings now and two mares the next time.

Delaware Park opened to the trainers over the weekend. Racing starts the second weekend of May. We will begin our track visits this upcoming weekend. I always look forward to getting back to the track.


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