Julia thinks that London has been swapped for Areutrue

There is nothing that I love more than updates on former horses. Somebody once said that they bet that I know where all the former horses are that have come through my retraining program and for the most part that is true. I don’t bug people (well I try not to) but I love to hear about the horses. It is hard not to bond with them and for the time that they are with me they are treated as my own.

I am still laughing over the first ride that Julia had on London. Holy moly did he throw every single trick in the book at her. It was one of those showings where you just wanted to go hide in the barn because the horse was so embarrassing. He had some silly moments on occasion but he was in rare form on the day she showed up to ride him. I suppose there is something to be said for seeing a horse on it’s worst and still liking it. She laughed it off and the more the rode the more she smiled. Furthermore, she made me laugh and didn’t make me want to run and hide in the barn. She laughed it off as him being a silly young horse who was testing her out.  I knew she was “his” person after that ride and was hoping she realized it as well. She came back for a 2nd ride and was almost a bit shocked at how better behaved he was. I was thankful for that because he really had made me look pretty stupid. I had told several people who were interest in him that while he was a lovely horse who had all the talent in the world he wasn’t for somebody who didn’t have a program or was looking for a confidence booster. He needed a person to lay down the rules and enforce them to keep his cheeky little butt in line.  Julia grew up riding challenging Tb’s and told me that while she liked Areutrue she thought he was going to be a bit too boring for her. She was up for the challenge!

What Julia and I didn’t know was that there must have been a very civilized horse somewhere under all the baby behavior. He has been a superstar for Julia shocking her with his brave nature and grown up behavior. The horse that wouldn’t go in the corner of the ring that he had been ridden in for 2 months was leading trail rides, going through water and acting like a horse much older/trained.

Julia took him to a xc schooling not long after she got him and said he was fantastic. Yesterday, she sent me a text that she took him to Morven to xc school and that if she didn’t know any better she could have sworn that I swapped him for Areutrue. She said he was calm, relaxed and could have done a dressage test 5 min after getting off the trailer. He was out there in his happy mouth bit just rocking around the jumps.

Look at baby London all grown up and being a big horse!

It’s too bad he has such a horrible hind end over a fence

Julia and her friend Amy look pretty thrilled with their day.

I am just so thrilled to see London living up to his potential. He has all the makings of an upper level event horse. He is so talented and Julia is doing a great job of bringing him along.

One of my former CANTER horses, Houndy, went to the TB celebration show at the VA horse park and won some major ribbons. His owner will be sending some pictures of him soon. I can’t wait to do a before and after write-up on him. His owner took a big leap of faith on him based on my recommendation and I am glad it turned out as we all expected. She calls him the love of her life (sshhh don’t tell her hubby). Karen..we need to see those pics 🙂


3 responses to “Julia thinks that London has been swapped for Areutrue

  1. London looks fantastic! Great job, Jess and Julia!

  2. Great news! Love those happy stories

  3. Aww, I didn’t think Artie was boring! I just couldn’t resist London’s goofiness 🙂

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