Raymond over his first jumps

Whitney was giving Raymond a ride for me as I wasn’t feeling well and it’s always nice for me to see them go. Raymond had done these weird little hop things the day before and I was pretty sure they were just from weakness but it was helpful for me to see him being ridden so I could make sure it wasn’t anything else. 2wks into the riding he is building muscle but he when asked to push under at the trot he wants to do a hop as if he is going to canter.  He is telling us it’s hard!

The day before I had walked him over the jumps in hand. I loved how he was just totally relaxed about the jumps with flowers and other scary things. Just no big deal following me over everything. It’s always interesting to watch a horse their first time jumping. You can see how he is just wiggly but willing to give it a go. I LOVE his reaction because he doesn’t overreact if he taps the jump or brushes through the flowers.

He just casually does some walk/trot steps but picks up his feet. Sure, he isn’t really jumping but that all comes in time. I love seeing a horse that is this relaxed to a jump. It means he is going to be really quite easy for a large range of riders to ride to a jump. He won’t be the type of horse that rushes the jumps and look how brave he was about the jumps. He showed his willing attitude.

Whitney hadn’t ridden him since the first ride and got off going WOW! It’s amazing how much they change in just a short time. When she saw him in the field she couldn’t see past all the ugly hair, lack of weight and muscle and just general funk. I had said this one is going to be fancy and now you can really see it. Just wait until he gets stronger because then he is going to have even more push from behind and will be an even better mover. He can really float in the trot when you get his back relaxed. I didn’t ask her to ask him for anything besides just go forward. His forward button is much better installed.

He will go out on his first trail ride this week and I will hopefully do a bit in the jump chute with him but I’m not in a hurry.


4 responses to “Raymond over his first jumps

  1. He’s definitely starting to blossom. Those first jumps – so cute. Like “Hmm, there appears to be something in my path. Ok, no problem.”

  2. Lovely, absolutely lovely!

  3. I can’t believe you still have him.

  4. I’ll take him too 🙂

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