Chiropractors make a difference

I never really thought about chiropractic adjustments before I started working with the CANTER horses but I quickly became a believer. When I get on a horse I can really tell if they could benefit from an adjustment. I spoke with Allie earlier in the week and suggested we get the new horses worked on because each of them felt like they could use it but No Time for Love really needed some body work.

I try not to say too much to the chiropractor and just see if she finds what I feel. She went to work on Love and said oh boy this guy is  a train wreck 🙂 She said he felt like somebody had just hand rode him and pulled on him. BINGO! It seemed like she worked on him for quite a bit and adjusted everything. I think he will be feeling much better.

Raymond was excellent for the most part and just got a bit of adjustment behind especially in the sacro area. He said he was extremely flexible and loose up front which I find to be true.

The new guy was overall good. He only got a minor adjustment.

I can’t wait to feel the results of the adjustments. They all get their teeth done today. You can always have surprises when doing their teeth. Some trainers at the track do routine floats but others do not. I have had horses that have so many horrible things going on in their mouth that it amazes me they are even behaved. The boys will feel like new horses after the body work and dentist!


3 responses to “Chiropractors make a difference

  1. I love reading your work with your horses and updates. Excellent job! I was wondering if you could share the name of the horse Chiropractor you use. I live close to Annapolis so hopefully they will travel. Many thanks in advance!

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