Broken teeth hurt!

Last week was a week was dentist, farrier and chiro for the boys. CANTER tries to cover all the bases for the horses in our care so that they go into their new homes with everything having been done in terms of body work, teeth and farrier. That is one of the great selling points of the retraining program.

I think that sport horse people would be shocked at the condition of the teeth on some of these guys. You just never know what you will find. I can almost tell right away who has issues with the teeth but sometimes even I am shocked at what we find. The dentist called me over and asked me if I had been having any issues with No Time for Love and I said that he was a horse who was really worried about his mouth and his body was all out of whack. He had me put my hand in there and feel the broken wolf tooth that was cracked down the middle! It looked like somebody had tried to remove it but failed so it was broken into two pieces and just dangling in there. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That explains quite a bit 🙂 Both Raymond and Love had a lot of sharp edges but nothing that a good float couldn’t fix.

I actually went away on vacation for a few days so the first ride on them after the dental work was today and what a difference. My friend, Amanda, was out so she rode both of them as I had the vet out in between for Letterman (Yes, he does have a fractured splint but it didn’t break all the way so it will heal with rest).

Love was a different horse under saddle. He wanted to stretch down into the contact and he just seemed relaxed in his mouth. She popped him around the little jump course and he was just so happy. He even cantered with his head down. I feel so bad for him but these ottb’s have such an ability to forgive. I think he knows we are doing everything to help him.

He is so used to going like this

Ah, this feels better

His mouth actually had nice foam

His first time jumping and he took right to it.

Raymond is really filling out. He actually “jumped” the jumps for the first time today.

A little video of him and he actually is cantering away from the jumps. Steering..well you know that is highly overrated 🙂 That all comes in time but he is honest and willing.

Since Letterman is out for a while these boys will be filling in as my trail horses for a while. Can’t miss out on this nice weather before the bugs arrive. Letterman has a few more months of stall rest ahead of him. Poor guy is miserable.



4 responses to “Broken teeth hurt!

  1. Can’t get over the difference in Lovey. He looks so happy now

  2. Oh no! I missed Letterman’s injury! He better heal speedily! Encore has a broken front tooth and while I shudder to think how it broke, it has never seemed to bother him, so we leave it be. I do wonder if his slows down his grazing, but he seems to be able to gather giant mouthfuls when he wants, so I guess he has adapted! Good thing, because I definitely can’t afford horse dentures!

  3. I feel so sorry for Love. So glad he’s with CANTER. Also, I’m really sorry to hear about Letterman. Hope he heals quickly.

  4. Those first two pictures are great. Visually, you can see what that tooth was making him do under saddle. Very instructive!

    Sorry for grumpy, stall bound Letterman’s splint. He’s probably thinking, “gee, a horse can’t have any fun anymore.” But, he’ll get over it.

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