The Rehomer’s Dilemma

I wanted to post an article written by CANTER MA’S Director, Allie Conrad, for those of you who aren’t on facebook or don’t read the Chronicle of the Horse. is the link to the article and I think it is a really important article to read to understand the thought process that goes into each horse that comes through the CANTER program. It offers some insight into why we operate the way we do.

We get so many requests about the horses that people know that we have but aren’t yet advertised. What are you doing with that one and why isn’t it up for sale yet? Can I buy one out of the field? Why are your horses priced higher than typical ottb’s? I don’t want somebody to restart the horse, I can do it myself.

This article explains why we feel it is so important to give every single horse an evaluation. If you would like to support our program with a donation we would greatly appreciate it. You can find info on how to donate here-


2 responses to “The Rehomer’s Dilemma

  1. Great article by Allie. I’m sorry to hear about the problems with the horse, but very happy she addressed such an important subject.

  2. Wonderful article. We are in the same situation with one horse. Allie sums it up beautifully- and we both sit and watch our lovely but unadoptable horses in the field……sigh……..

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