What a difference

I had to go back and watch the video from 2 wks ago of Love and compare it to what I am feeling/seeing now. Big difference. Just look at the difference in the canter! When I would pick up the canter before he was off to the races with his head in the air and he felt so tight. Now he is relaxed and wanting to soften.

His head is all over the place at the trot but physically the work is hard for him so it will take some time but he is on the right track!

5/14/12 video

Video from yesterday

Kurt was commenting that the underside of his neck is so thick from going so inverted for so long. He is wanting to go low/behind but right now that is all that he has muscle to do. It will take some time to reshape the muscles but we are on the right track.

Instead of running around at the trot I can now put leg on him and the canter is way different. I wasn’t ready to advertise him for a new home because when I picked up the canter he really wanted to go. Not scary but just no real balance. Now I really feel that the canter is becoming adjustable and he is relaxed.

He just tries so hard to please. One of the most willing horses and I have so much respect for him for not being bad when he had the biggest excuse (his broken tooth) to be bad. He just loves people and has done a 180 in the personality department. I can’t believe how relaxed and happy he has become. He is putting on weight and muscle and is going to be a tank. I think he is still growing as well. Right now he is about 16 1/2 hands.

Tiny bit of a topline starting to emerge

More pics and video later of Raymond.


One response to “What a difference

  1. Love is going to get someone nice dressage scores once he’s gotten more work and time! What a huge difference in the movement of his back and hips. Very nice!

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