Raymond to Chicago, Love jumping courses & Morton

Let’s start off with Morton. Who is Morton? Well that would be CMA’s Mort Robbins 🙂 I had him here at my farm in training and he was being vetted by ULR Lauren Kieffer. Sound the day before the vetting but lame on his stifle during the vetting. We are thinking he must have slipped in the field or something. Horses….go figure. We gave him some time off and then because we knew he was so awesome he went down to NC and was sold to Will Faudree who buys a bunch of horses from us. Will then sold him to Lauren Kieffer 🙂 Ha, love the way this all worked out. Mort was one of my favorite horses and a horse that just gave you that feeling that he had all the right stuff to be a big time event horse. He is now competing Novice and here are some pictures of him at his last event where he finished 3rd in a big division http://brantgamma.exposuremanager.com/g/300_morton_kieffer_lauren_vs2

Raymond is sold to a blog reader who lives in Chicago. I never say never until they actually leave but I have no doubts this will all work out. He has somebody else waiting for him if for any reason it doesn’t work out for Carolyn. The person second in line would be Areutrue’s new owner who has informed me that his wife may just be taking over Artie 🙂 They are so in love with Artie that they would like another just like him. I am sure something else will come along for them but I was happy to hear that Artie is winning everybody over.

I think I’m still smiling from my ride on Love last night. Earlier in the week he went on his first trail ride. He was super brave and happy to be on an adventure. He is a bit forward thinking not in a silly way but just a big trucking trot. We need to work on half halts 🙂

Last night, I was working on mixing some jumping into our flatwork and he is just so brave about the jumps. He loves it! He seemed so relaxed about it all that I jumped the brush box and rolltop and he didn’t even blink an eye. He is scopey over a fence and just gives me a great feeling. He was so relaxed just jumping and cantering away. He is really figuring out that riding is fun now.

I want to get him going a bit more in the ring and then we will go xc schooling. I just know he is going to be a star. I adore this horse and how hard he tries. He is so smart and very brave. When I get his flatwork better I think he is going to really be fancy. Just need a bit more time. We are holding off advertising him just yet so that I can get a bit more of a foundation under him. While he is really quiet and behaved, I do think he has a bit more of a forward button compared to some of the other horses that I have gotten in. His reaction to things that make him nervous are to trot really fast. Right now he’s not quite soft enough in his topline so when he gets going our brakes are less than ideal. It can feel a bit like he is running off with me at the trot 🙂 Riders with experience would have no trouble dealing with this and I absolutely guarantee this is something that training fixes but he wouldn’t be for somebody that doesn’t know how to really use a good half halt at this stage of his training.  

I think this natural braveness and confidence that he has is going to make him a really good event horse. I am having so much fun with him. He learns at lightning speed and just seems so eager to please. He is such a sweetie in the barn. I really can’t believe the turn around that he has done.

I will get some updated video of his jumping this weekend.


4 responses to “Raymond to Chicago, Love jumping courses & Morton

  1. I wish I were up there and could try Love! From his first “ooh, he looks kind of icky” confo shots to his tight in the back little sewing machine to your latest reports, he is just SO my kind of guy!

  2. Congrats to Mort and Raymond, and especially to you, Jess, for all you do.

    • Welcome to Chicago Raymond. Canes Palace and I will keep an eye open at the horse shows around here for you. Yay for more CMA horses in Chicago!

  3. So glad to get the update on Mort and see his awesome photos. I really liked him.

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