Bling’s first jumps

Well consider me impressed. I need to kick myself in the butt because I was sure this would be a failure. I have been taking my time building up Bling’s confidence with poles and cavaletti’s. He was not afraid of the actual jump but more the mechanics of how to go over it. It was pretty funny to watch because he would get right to it and then just stop like omg now me…omg. It was all very calm but he really was confused. I had to get off and walk him over a ground pole..yes really. So I had been trotting poles…poles and more poles..

We put up a different course and I figured today was as good as day as any to introduce him to some small jumps. He started out pretty worried so we made them all low but he wasn’t really saying no just thinking really hard. I sort of cowboy him around just making him march. He has to go forward and just think positive. When he slows down you can feel that he is thinking to hard. I just kick him around telling him you got big deal…up and over. He doesn’t really pick up but over one of them but that is okay!

Riding a green horse like this is sort of ugly. I just try to stay in the middle and allow him to figure out his feet. You don’t need to do any big throwing of the body or releasing with jumps this small.

I actually think he looked really happy about it. Confused but not over faced. He is going so much more forward and is much straighter. People have asked about him and sort of think he looks tough. I know that is the risk of posting “early” videos of any horse that comes here because you can get the wrong impression. I think that he is a horse that has to learn a new skill set. There is not a mean bone in his body. He sometimes shakes himself around but not in a scary way. I am really getting after him at times to steer so I’m kicking him with my outside leg and he might shake his head. No big deal. He is like a big puppy dog. He needs some confidence but boy oh boy when he gets it he will be amazing.

He seriously impressed me today with how willing he was to try out the jumps. I have a lot of filler around them and he was really good with it all. He was so tired (15 min ride) that he just stood there ground tied while I put away the tack. He has now learned to eat some of the mrs. pastures cookies. I had to force them at first but now he thinks they are tasty.

I had a super ride on Love this morning but no video. Will get some of him jumping this week.



3 responses to “Bling’s first jumps

  1. Oh my gosh, I really just can’t say enough how much I like Bling!

  2. I had to get off and bribe my first my first OTTB over a single pole with a carrot in my hand!!! His name is Minyan and he was from Pen National from the PA trainer listings I swear he thought it was going to eat him.

  3. you can see how hard he’s thinking-very cute

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