Love watching horses in storms

Lately, I think all of us that ride at my farm have been almost a bit shocked at just how non-reactive these ottb’s can be. Whitney, Jess and I were riding the other night when my neighbor decided to start shooting off his black powder rifle. Whitney was on Bling, Jess was riding Junior and I was on Love. Believe me when I say this gun is LOUD and comes out of nowhere. The horses didn’t even flinch. Now Whitney is a cop and it was pretty hilarious because she was ducking and starting to panic. Ha, her gun was in the car and she was thinking somebody was shooting at us. Nope, just another day in the redneck nation 🙂

They shot the gun off many times and sometimes repeatedly and not once did the horses even look around. I don’t make this stuff up. They really are that sensible. I do know that not all horses are that behaved but I think most of the CANTER horses that have come in here are that sane.

I was once again reminded last night at their sanity. I had Dr. Mende out here working her chiropractic magic on almost all the horses in the barn. A wicked storm has rolled in with thunder, lightning, wind and down pouring rain. I have a metal barn with a metal roof and it sounds like all hell is breaking loose when it storms. Not one horse was even nervous.

She finished up and I went to open Bling’s back stall door and he thought he would just go outside. I figured with the lightning they would be safer out. Bling went right out to his hay feeder and as the skies unleashed he stood there just eating his hay. Didn’t even turn his butt to the pounding rain. Just mmmm….alfalfa..yum. The thunder was so loud and even when it would make me jump he just stood there eating. Love was out playing in the rain. Digging in the water puddles and rolling. So hilarious! That horse is all event horse. He sees water and obstacles as a challenge he needs to conquer.

I have a new horse…oh wait I haven’t talked about him yet 🙂 I bought myself an absolutely lovely resale project for myself. I haven’t done a personal resale in several years (building the farm and taking a risk doing resale didn’t really go together) but this guy struck me as something fun. He is a 16 h 3yr grey gelding named Senor Chili. I bought him from Midatlantic Horse Rescue. He is just a few weeks off the track so he is getting some R&R. He was quite prissy about the rain. Let me in..please…it’s raining on me. Ha, nope time to learn so I let him stay out and after a few minutes he was also joining Love with the puddle playing.

It was quite a relief from this oppressive heat we have had. Just when I get the horses going we get heat that makes riding unbearable. Due to my work schedule, I can only ride in the evening and with the heat sometimes even at 8-9pm it’s too hot.

The horses have been going so great. I have let Whitney ride Bling a few times and she fell in love with him. He is doing great over the jumps! I think Love might have gotten himself out of whack which was confirmed by the chiropractor. With the hot + bugs, I think he might have just twisted his back. He got a lot of adjustments yesterday so I think he will be feeling way better. I cantered the first jumps on him the other day and he was so good. He has a lovely canter! The trot is a work in progress but it is often the last thing to come.

I promise to finish the sales pictures/video this week and get them both advertised. It appears the weather will cooperate.


One response to “Love watching horses in storms

  1. I think the common thread between all these horses being so calm might not only be the OTTB factor- I think that you’ve created such a wonderful environment that they all don’t feel the need to act like ying-yangs.

    The breed gets part of the credit, but you get a big part too…

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