XC day for Love and Bling

We packed up Bling, Love and my new horse (just going to hang out) on the trailer and headed over to Oldehope. There was a nice size group but I believe 5 of us started out together and more joined in later.

Love went alone to his first xc schooling and this time he was a bit upset that his buddies were on the trailer. I took him out to the xc field and away for the trailer to make him realize that he was there to work and stop thinking about his friends. I stuck him on the lunge line for 5 min and he just trotted around figuring out that life wasn’t so bad. The rest of the group made it over and off we went.

I would say that Love was slightly more forward today but not in a bad way just more of the I know what I am here to do type of thinking. I really like that in a xc horse! He wanted to go to the jumps and was very brave. He jumped much bigger over everything and I added in some bigger stuff and he jumped it with ease. We even cantered our first jumps. He hung out nicely in the group in between jumps and was happy to go anywhere I asked. I truly believe this horse is going to be a xc machine. He is just eager to please and wants to jump the jumps. He is still developing his form over fences but he is green and that will come. I admit to not putting a lot of time working on it lately b/c it has been so hot these past few weeks.

We took Love back to get cooled off and he went back in the trailer and off Bling came. I was so thankful to have some great help. Kurt went off to video another one of the CANTER horses that was there so it was a bit of a shuffle getting it all organized.

This was Bling’s first off the farm trip and he was mr. cool. I walked him out the xc field figuring I would just lead him around a bit in case he got nervous. Nope, he was not nervous at all. I did lead him over two jumps and up and down the bank to show him the ropes.

My friend Whitney was there riding her green ottb (a CANTER PA mare) and we rode around together just letting Bling see the sights. He was very relaxed and happy. He checked a few things out but was calm. Thought a few of the jumps standards were weird but on the 2nd pass he didn’t give them a look.

He was happy to lead or follow

Some video of his adventure. He seemed to really like the banks and he walked right over the ditch without even a glance. We had walked over to the next field just to do the ditch and do the banks in/out of the water jump.

My mom was there schooling her awesome horse, CMA Hold that Halo.

CMA Rustyshouldrun was also there with his owner Michelle.

I missed Mikaela’s ride on CMA Wonderful Wise as I switched out horses. Mikaela is fostering CMA Wonderful Wise and she is now going up for sale. She was fantastic for her first xc schooling! What a good girl.

I also got to see another friend who was there riding a horse they got from Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue named Long Chase. He was also excellent.

It was a great outing full of awesome Tb’s.


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