Opposite ends of the spectrum

I have began to show Bling and Love to the horse shoppers which is sometimes stressful and sometimes fun. I really enjoy meeting new people and it always seems like people come to see the horses and are pleasantly surprised that they are as described and they go away complimenting the program. Of course that makes me feel good!

As these two horses have progressed in their training they have sort of taken opposite paths. Bling is now kick along quiet and people are finding him almost too quiet 🙂 He is happy to just go with a loop in the rein. You will have to work a bit to really get him going but once you get him going he is happy to just stay at that pace. He will happily jump but you are going to have to put your leg on and maybe even give him a kick to keep him traveling down the line. He has just figured out that life after the track is no big deal and he is happy as can be.

Love is not what I would call a hot horse but he is a horse that requires a rider that gives him direction. He is not going to go with a loop on the rein while you’re trotting or cantering around. He prefers to be ridden into the contact and likes you to be right there to set the tempo. I call him the half halts required type of horse. He isn’t silly, spooky or scary but he has an agenda and he wants you to be on board. Give him direction and he is happy. He loves to jump and is keen about it. If you point him than he will take care of it. You just stay out of his way and let him do his job. Once you figure out who to ride him you are golden but it may take a bit to figure out the buttons if you don’t ride Tb’s on a daily basis. Bling is more of a big warmblood type of Tb. He tolerates a variety of rides.

I think that every rider has their preferences. I would say that Bling is probably too quiet for me 🙂 I absolutely love him but I would be bored. I remember the person who bought London Lullaby telling me that when she came to try out Areutrue and London Lullaby at the same time. She loved Areutrue but said that he was just a bit too boring. I understood exactly what she meant.

I don’t like a hot horse either but I do like a forward thinking horse so perhaps that is why I have really been so high on Love even when others didn’t quite see what I saw in him. There is a really talented horse in there. He is a horse that is taking a bit longer than some to come around (well really 3.5 months is not a long time!) but due to that broken tooth I had to undo some things before he trusted in me. If you have ever sat on a horse that doesn’t love xc than you will appreciate those who make it seem easy and fun. I can fix flatwork but I can’t install the love for xc in a horse. They either like it or they don’t.

I think they are both very talented horses but they are quite opposite to ride. It’s fun to try them both just to compare and contrast the differences.

I have a friend who has been coming out to ride. She used to ride ottb’s but had some bad experiences. She has been gaining her confidence riding Junior and Bear. I could tell she was just dying to ride Bling but she was really nervous about getting on a TB again. Worried that her nerves would make them nervous. I promised her that he would not react even if she was nervous so she gave him a try the other night and was just amazed that she didn’t feel nervous at all up on him. She said he just gives you such a relaxed feeling because you can push him and he never feels like he is going to do anything scary. She was giggling as she rode him around and she really had fun. She got off and said she couldn’t wait to ride him again this time with a whip 🙂 If she had the funds to buy another one he is exactly the type that she would want. Just shows you that we all have our preferences. It is good to know what types of horses that you like to ride so that you do have fun!


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