Big disappointment

Last weekend was crazy busy with the first set of shoppers arriving to see Love and Bling. I showed them Friday, Saturday and Sunday and was just plain tired when it was all said and done.

What was interesting to me is that Love picked that particular week to peak. His flatwork was balanced, he was light in the bridle and he was finally able to maintain a rhythm in the trot and canter. Everybody that sat on him just thought he was so nice for only 3 months of training on him.

Everybody also loved Bling but thought that right now he is a bit too quiet 🙂 The shoppers were eventers and wanted something a bit more up. Love and Bling are so different in the way they go. I think Bling will catch up but he just has less training under him. Just this week he loped around a jump course with lots of oxers like he had been doing it forever. I am going to start working on slowly teaching him to come into the contact.

The disappointing part was that somebody that was a perfect fit for Love vetted him this week and we discovered that he had a chip in his knee. Now he has been sound while in consistent work, came off the track sound, passed his flexions during the vetting, sound during the lunging part of the vetting but it’s there and can’t be denied. The buyer x-rayed his ankles, knees and hocks. She was nice enough to provide us the films which we sent off to a surgeon to review. They believe the chip is attached and the joint is very healthy. Surgery is not recommended and he likely will be just fine for a lower level eventing career. He may not go prelim or heck he just might. You always risk that it will move but then again it might not. It’s one of those things that you just can’t predict. The buyer was looking for an upper level eventer so she passed on him. I think everybody was just a bit shocked at the finding. Never would have known it was in there.

We have decided to just do a $1 contract on him for somebody that is willing to live with the risk. I took a video of him today to show just how far he has come in his flatwork!! He just gets better every single ride. This horse is one of my favorites because the progress is always upward and he tries so hard to please.

He looks so good now and has filled out. He is now 16.1 and still growing as he is butt high at the moment.

If you are looking for an absolute lovely lower level horse please come and see him.



2 responses to “Big disappointment

  1. This is a NICE horse. If I didnt have three at home and in work, I would take him in a heartbeat, go eventing, and never look back!

  2. Totally agree with you Bev, he is so nice and will probably never have an issue. Good thing no one xrays my knees!

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