Finally able to hit the trails

I don’t know about where you live but around here trail riding can be a dangerous sport during bug season. Not only the green heads and deer flies but the big bomber bugs that take chunks out of your horses and like to land right in the middle of their butt. I hate to say but ottb’s are typically a bit more sensitive to bugs than other horses so if it won’t be a good experience due to be attacked that I don’t find a point in doing it. It also has been so miserably hot all summer.

We tested out the C&R center last week on a windy day and it wasn’t bad. We had a few bombers but the great thing is that Bling didn’t care! That is always a welcome relief. He would stop for me to smack them. Some horses just hear them come and get worked into a frenzy. Junior is experienced enough to know that he needs to let them land to be killed and Bling also figured that out in no time. You find sport in riding with one hand in the reins and turning around to smack all while trotting and cantering along. Shouting with victory when you get a kill. It’s silly but sort of fun at the same time. Something very satisfying about crunching those damn bugs in your hands.

Bling has proved to be an absolutely joy to trail ride. It’s a good thing that I can’t own that many horses because he could easily compete with Letterman for the honors of being my go have fun horse. I can ride him on the buckle anywhere we go. He looks at things but isn’t spooky. Leads or follows. Doesn’t care a little bit about being left behind. Doesn’t pull and is just comfortable.

We got caught out in a rain storm one evening coming in and the wind was kicked up and it was pouring. We trotted back pretty quickly but Kurt’s reins were slippery so we just trotted. Bling was just trucking along on the buckle as happy as can be. Fun stuff!

I had a shopper who also came to ride him out on the trails this weekend. They brought their horse that they bought from me (Areutrue!!!!!) and we all headed out. We had a lovely ride around a nice loop and the horses we all just fantastic. Bling still wants to slow down and look at logs on the trails which isn’t great for what he is looking for (a horse to lead the hunt field on) but I have no doubt Bling will figure it out. I haven’t had Bling out much so he is pretty new to trail riding but I just think he is amazing out there.

I was telling them that Letterman was less than confident (both on the trails and to the jumps)  when I first started with him but he is now pretty confident with himself..sometimes a bit too confident 🙂 Letterman is doing great on his recovery from the fractured splint. I’m doing gradual trail rides to build his conditioning up in hopes to be back out paper chasing and maybe eventing this fall. I’m supposed to wait a bit to jump him. It is really nice to be back on my own horse. I love riding all the horses but there is something special about riding your own. Letterman is just so happy to be back to work. He was a bit strong on our first canter in the group this weekend but settled down nicely after he got a bit tired. I may be struggling when he does get fit again 🙂

Fall is my favorite time of year and the weather for the next week looks beautiful. I am marking down all the chases and paces on the calendar. Hope to hunt Letterman and whatever other horses this season as well.


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