We love repeat customers- Bling joins Areutrue in a new home

Bling headed off to his new home yesterday with the Griffin family. He will join CMA Areutrue and we will hopefully see both of them out in the hunt field this fall. I have made a lot of local contacts in the past few years and it really makes me feel good when I have repeat customers. They come back to shop and they send their friends to shop. Guess I’m doing something right 🙂

I’m sad to see Bling go but he will have the best home. I have been thrilled to get to see Areutrue out over the past few weeks. It’s apparent he has found his niche and is well-loved. I think Bling will fit right in. They told me that Bling and Areutrue sniffed each other and went right to eating grass 🙂 I am sure they are swapping racing stories. Two classy horses!

Now I begin the process of filling the barn back up. I am down to five horses in the barn but four of them are mine and that is not good for my bank account! Two of them are resales but they are not quite ready to be sold yet. I am working on bringing in another horse who is being donated to CANTER. He has had his let down time and will be ready to go. He looks super cute.

Stay posted to see who arrives next.


One response to “We love repeat customers- Bling joins Areutrue in a new home

  1. Congratulations Bling! I’m so glad he got a great new home. Now you can bring new ones in 🙂

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