New Arrivals

Just got back to work after running home to meet the shipper. Corcho- just arrived. He was lucky enough to have a former owner who followed his career and when she saw that he was slowing down she ensured his retirement by getting him back and donating him to CANTER.  He is a cutie. Eyeballed him around 15.3 and he is almost black with two socks and a star.

Over the weekend we went to the CANTER farm to pick out a horse. We didn’t really get to pick because Ridge Amour decided he must come home with us. He was so eager to come home that he got kicked or had some sort of trauma to his face in the 15 minutes that we arrived at the farm 🙂 One minute he was fine and the next time we looked up he had a 6″ gash. The vet came and stitched him up and we decided he should come home with us. You may remember him from this picture

He has been an absolute sweetheart considering I have to scrub and doctor his face wounds daily. We are teaching him that treats are yummy and he is starting to be convinced. He seems like he is going to be the real quiet type. He was the farm’s favorite horse which is always a good sign.

This hurt!

I hope to hop on these guys this week. I have jury duty for the next 2 wks so when I’m not at the courthouse I’m at my regular job trying to catch up. Insanity!


2 responses to “New Arrivals

  1. Gheez. I hope the vet was part plastic surgeon.

  2. Poor soul!

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