Meet Corcho

Corcho arrived yesterday and is getting the initiation from the other horses. My resale project, Senor Chili, thinks he is big man on campus and took offense to Corcho’s arrival. Chili has decided that grey horses must stick together and buddied up with Ridge Amour. Ridge could care less about Chili but Chili did not want Corcho near Ridge. Also out with this bunch is my other resale project, Favorite Son. He is a big hanoverian/tb and he is the overall boss of the field. He just hung back and watched all the posturing with not much interest. Once it was decided that Chili & Ridge were buddies, Sonny took Corcho under his wing. They ate grass side by side and ignored Chili who was strutting around like he owned the joint.

I really enjoy watching the herd dynamics. I know some people panic about the random kicks and fighting but it always sorts itself out. This morning everybody was happy and seemed to have found their place in the herd. I had planned on riding a few last night but everybody was goofy because of the new horse being added in. I decided to not push my luck and just give them time to settle.

I had pulled Corcho’s mane and clipped him up. It’s always good to grab a few before pictures. Isn’t he cute!

He was excellent with the clippers and stood perfect to get his mane pulled. He wasn’t keen on standing up for pictures and the light was bad so it is hard to see his real color which is almost black.

I looked up his race record and he ran 29 times making just over $100k. He will have a few days to settle in and then he will get to work. He seems like the type that wants a job.


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