Where you hope it’s just the feet

One of the most common issues that we deal with when first bringing the horses into retraining is sore feet. When horses are donated they get turned out to just hang out and be horses. They go barefoot while on their R&R and for some this is a very difficult transition.

I find that the first few months are difficult for them but then they stabilize and their feet look amazing! In the case of Ridge Amour, he had been barefoot for a little over 2 months and his feet were pretty short. They are gorgeous feet with beautiful walls just short. He was foot sore when he arrived.

I put front shoes on the horses that come to my farm in training. We ride out on the trails and I find front shoes just make them more comfortable. Ridge didn’t have a lot of foot to work with so my farrier was pretty worried about a nail bothering him or sole pressure. He made sure to really grind out the shoe to relieve sole pressure.

Ridge was really head nodding lame since he had arrived at the farm. I just assumed the shoes would fix that but not the case. The vet was out to take out his stitches and I asked her to do a general evaluation on him. No heat, no swelling, no pulse in the foot, not sensitive to hoof testers, didn’t flex off to ankles or knees but was really lame on right front. We decided to block him to make sure we didn’t have another issue. He blocked out to the foot (this is a good thing!) but we couldn’t really see an issue. Not sensitive on any nails or to the hoof testers.

Farrier was back out for another horse and took a look. He decided to take the shoe off and grind it down even more to relieve any sole pressure. His soles are just really sensitive. I am betting he may pop an abscess before we are all said and done. These types of things are pretty normal in transitioning ottb’s.

Corcho is absolutely lovely. He has just relaxed so much since his arrival. He has a great brain and excellent work ethic. It was a crazy weekend on the farm and I had hoped to get some updated video but Kurt was sick and didn’t feel like doing much. I had some nice rides on Corcho really working on teaching him to stretch into the contact and relax his body. I started teaching him some slight lateral work just to get him moving from the inside leg to the outside rein. He was so good about this and really was trying hard to figure out what I was asking. I think he will benefit from the chiropractor. She will hopefully be out this week. That should help him loosen up.


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