Former Horses Update

I often get emails from my readers about how former horses are doing so I will do a brief update with those that immediately come to my mind. I am sure I will forget some but these are the horses that I get frequent emails about.

Flint Hills- he of course belongs to my mom so I see him all the time. He is the world’s best horse and has been out eventing and going to paper chases.

Hold that Halo- also belongs to my mom and is doing great. Amazing to see the physical transformation in him from a gangly 3yr to a huge tank of a 4yr.

Areutrue- owned by Jim and Pat  who absolutely love him. He just went to a clinic this weekend to practice skills needed in the hunt field. I got great reports on him.

Bling Star Dreams- also owned by Jim and Pat. When I emailed to ask how the clinic went I got a reply back that said the picture explains all. It was of Bling jumping a single barrel and Jim grinning from ear to ear.

Houndy-  owned by Karen and I believe at one time she told me something along the lines if it came to her husband or her horse she would have a hard time choosing 🙂 Shh…we can be sure he doesn’t read the least I hope. She has been doing hunters with him and attending the TB celebration classes.

Diamond H- also owned by Karen and well-loved. She feels blessed to have these two fancy horses in her barn.

Burgiss- lots of great reports from Rebecca on how well he is doing. Rebecca had a string of bad luck with horses but something drew her to Burgiss’s cute face. Sounds like she is having great fun with him.

Raymond- I got an email from Carolyn’s daughter that said he is the kind of horse that every mom should have. How is that for a glowing report!

London Lullaby- I get texts from his owner Julia and she tells me that he has really grown up and is very fancy. She really is happy with him.

Mort Robbins- he was always one of my favorites and right as I was ready to sell him he slipped and torqued his stifle. He was later sold to the same person who was  going to buy him from me. Lauren Kieffer is eventing him training level and he is always at the top of the ribbons.

Ramblin Romeo- locally owned by Johnathan and is represent the Delaware State Police on their mounted unit.

Rockin Fun- also locally owned by Allison who is using him as an all around go have fun horse and also as a guest horse. I got a great picture of him in western tack out trail riding this weekend. I am totally working on invading the delmarva area with CANTER horses!

Rustyshouldrun- also locally owned by Michelle and boarded at my mom’s farm. The amount of love that his owner has for him is just over the top. He brought back her confidence and they are now out doing local combined tests and schooling xc. It has been so much fun to watch their partnership grow.

Wonderful Wise- she wasn’t at my farm but I think I may have posted some pictures. She was being retrained by another local volunteer who fell in love and will be using her to practice polo on!

Joyous Jester is eventing down in NC and has his own blog here-

AllaboutMack was sold to Debbie in GA but she said he didn’t love flatwork as much as she wanted him to so he started foxhunting and eventing. He was sold to a friend of Debbie’s where he is now foxhunting and loving it.

Cool Casey also went down to NC because his feet didn’t love the hard ground up here. He found an awesome home where he is an all around mount for the whole family.

Esstoga Tune and Dance with Bill were both bought by Karen as young 3yrs. Bill has matured into this absolutely stunning event horse and Esstoga is still growing but has tons of talent. These were two amazing horses so it has been fun watching them progress.

Bushy’s Yield sold to Patrice in Va and she is having a blast with him. I get to stalk him on facebook.

Fortheloveofrita is in NJ beginning her career in dressage and also eventing. We get lovely updates on the CMA facebook page about her.

Track’s Protege was bought by Allie (CMA’s director) and finished up his season eventing at training level. She will be foxhunting him this fall.

Letterman’s Humor- we all know that he is in my barn and very well-loved.

Sonrea- in NC with Mari and doing well. I don’t always get the updates on the horses that were sold from our NC location but I have seen some pictures of him out schooling xc.

Shine my Shoes- he is in IL with Jill and I get lots of emails with pictures. He is the cutest TB! He hasn’t always been the easiest but it sounds like he is now on the right track.

Ring Dancer was a gorgeous mare that had a sesamoid fracture. She was bought by Nicole who is breeding gorgeous sport horse babies.

Sea Flip- one of the first horses donated from Delaware Park. He is eventing with Bobby Costello.

Top Punch- he was my friend Alison’s amazing hunt horse. He is the horse that raced until he was 12yrs old and practically went right into the hunt field. She sadly has retired him this year.

No Time for Love- Has had a bit of a journey. Sound horse who was xrayed and all shocked to find a chip in the knee. Thought we got him a great home with a foxhunter but when he rode him he decided his body just couldn’t hold up to riding a young TB any more. When my friend Alison who owned Top Punch told me he was retired, I suggested Love. She is trying him out and knock on wood things are going well so far. He has been out trail riding and even went hunting with success. I have been over to do some lessons and will be seeing him again tonight.

I am sure the are some that I am missing but these are the horses that all came to mind with just a quick thought. We do a really good job of tracking our horses. It is very important to us that horses find the right homes with people who will be proud of them.


2 responses to “Former Horses Update

  1. To bad my big guy did not make the list. You probably have so many horses in your head You can not even count. Lol. Thanks for all you do.


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  2. It sure is nice to hear of all the horses you have homed. Tarzan is down here in NC with me. We have had a ton of shoeing issues but he is doing well and hopefully will be out eventing next year. Just taking our time and getting some CT and xc schooling under our belt before we show. Thank You all for what you do and for finding us these wonderful partners! Traci

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