Corcho starting to change his shape

Corcho has been getting a little ground work before rides. He is going through the my buddies are in the field stage and when he comes out he isn’t fully focused on me and the job I’m asking him to do. I have tried to keep it fun and I have started him lunging over jumps which he found to be boring 🙂 I don’t find that he is a hot horse nor is he silly but he just needs to learn a bit more focus. By giving him the time to get focused we end up having better rides and that is what it is all about. He has to learn to get into the routine. Here he is learning to do some jumps on the lunge line. I’m laughing hysterically watching him jump the barrel…omg to no big deal in a few jumps.

He has no clue what to do with his body but that is no big deal. That all comes with time and he is still dealing with some hind end funk (aka letting down track muscles and finding that his butt hurts).

He had his first session with the chiropractor last week and I can really feel the difference in his flatwork. He is actually really nice in the bridle but it takes a TON of leg to push him up to the hand and just to keep him forward. I can see and feel that the right hind is pretty weak. I’m not too worried about that and will just keep taking my time.  I am careful to keep the sessions short and sweet. The right lead is missing but I’m not really stressing about that either. At this point, I don’t drill them on it and he is still figuring out the transition let alone the actual lead. I would rather him be happy and relaxed right now and then work out the details later.

I am really working to push him from the inside right leg to create a bit of bend. Like most racehorses he is stiffer going to the right. Another reason that I think it’s important to teach a horse to push into the bridle is that it does give them a place to  go to when they are being looky/silly. The are a few moments in that right trot where he is spooking at things on the side in the ring and I kick him up into the bridle and tell him to keep marching on and stop looking.  I do move the bit in the mouth a bit to say hey focus, soften and stay with me. They have to have a place to move up to and be able to go forward.

I really like the way he feels and  I am excited to hit the trails with him this weekend.  

Ridge Amour is dealing with a ouchy foot. I am so eager to get going with him but our farm has missed all the rain. The ground is hard as a rock and I think he just has a terrible bruise which more than likely will abscess.


2 responses to “Corcho starting to change his shape

  1. I just started riding my new 3 yr old OTTB filly. Sounds like she may have similar hind end issues to your guy. Any tips on how to develop/rehab those muscles? At this point, we’re just doing walk/trot with work on transitions and understanding stop and go (it’s still early on for us, just a few rides in) I’m starting to take her on short trail rides.

    • jessicamorthole

      I use a few methods- lunging with either side reins or vienna reins, trot poles, small jumps and hill work. Trail ride them as much as possible just trotting to develop the muscles.

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