Happenings around CANTER MA

My two CANTER horses are doing great. Ridge Amour has recovered from his foot bruise and is in work. I expect everybody to go nuts over him as soon as I get some pictures and video. 16h 4yr grey gelding who is quiet, sweet and easy. I think he will have no problem finding a home. Corcho continues to put on weight and muscle. He is really looking good. Life on the farm has been so busy that Kurt hasn’t been able to get any vid/pics of the horses lately but hopefully we will get some time this weekend.

I want to catch you up on things that are going on around CANTER MA. My fellow volunteers are blogging!!!! This makes me happy!

Suzanne writes about the CANTER horses in North Carolina- http://cantercarolina.wordpress.com/2012/10/11/you-want-gingers-we-got-gingers/

Kelly is writing about the CANTER horses on one of our MD layup farms- http://calabriarose.wordpress.com/

You may remember Gavilan Peak from some of my former posts. He came to us back in July of 2011. When I went to our lay up farm I thought the farm owners had gotten a new pony 🙂 Um nope..he was our most recent donation at 14.3 h as a 3yr. He was absolutely sound and sweet so we gave him some time to grow and he has how stretched into 15.2 h. He went off for some retraining and is now ready to move into a new home. Check him out here- http://www.canterusa.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7120%3Agavilan-peak-4yr-152-h-g-canter-ma-ownedretrained-located-in-md&catid=48%3Ama-canter-available-now&Itemid=313 He is just such an awesome horse. He came to my farm for a short time before he headed off for his retraining and I was smitten. I could see why our layup farm didn’t want him to go. He just loves people and is such a cool horse.

Allie posted the following on the CMA facebook page:

As you know, hay prices are out of this world. We have an opportunity to do a matching donation up to 3500$ for hay and would like to reach out to ask for support with a “buy a bale” fundraiser. Everybody who buys a bale will be entered in a drawing for a quillen leather halter with name plate! Our hay costs are estimated at 10,000 until next spring if we buy it now. If we wait, we will be looking at double that number and will have to significantly scale back operations. CMA is currently caring for 42 convalescing thoroughbreds, who all need rest and vet care before they will be ready to ride. Please help us support them by buying a bale and asking friends to do the same. Bales are 11.00 and every single one purchased is like buying two!
We had a few responses wondering how hay could possibly be $11 but a good deal of our horses are in North Carolina and hay is much more expensive down there. We also found that our Tb’s tended to colic on the hay that is grown locally (coastal hay) so it is hard to save costs.
I promise to get up some new pictures and videos of my boys soon.

One response to “Happenings around CANTER MA

  1. What size are those bales? Because I would kill for $11/bale hay! Our alfalfa is around $13/bale and bermuda is about $19, and if anyone could find timothy… I have no idea how much it would be! But our bales are around 100lbs.

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