New pictures and video of Ridge and Corcho

I think the only way we stay less busy is to have vehicles that are broken. Our truck is in the shop and we aren’t sure how long it will be before it comes back. Something about a part that is really rare & expensive..story of my life.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day out yesterday and good picture-taking conditions. We took some conformation shots of Ridge since we missed that when he arrived. He has been here for a month and already filled out. Can’t wait to see him with a bit more time under him.

You will remember he is the one that managed to get kicked in the face the day we went to pick him up at the farm. Check out these before and after shots!

The vet did an awesome job stitching that up! The hair is still growing back and it’s a bit raised in profile but way better than I thought it would look a month later.

Ridge was dealing with a bruised foot for the past month so this is only his 4th ride. I think I would describe him as quiet..quiet..omg I’m tired of kicking you quiet 🙂 I don’t think he will always be so lazy but his general personality is just a very relaxed horse who doesn’t care if the wind is whipping, if I haven’t ridden, if it’s cold, if the trees are blowing and if his friends are running around like loons. He is relaxed and happy but I can see why he wasn’t a race horse.

Here is a video of him. The jumping is making me laugh hysterically. He was totally not convinced he knows how to pick up his feet but he tried so hard. This was his first attempt at jumping and he was such a cutie. Ha, just watched again and he did almost face plant in that first canter. That is a bit of the gate is over there so I must drift. I have my whip in the outside hand tapping the shoulder and outside leg on but he is still leaning left. He will figure that out with some more time. I showed that you can just drop the reins on him and he maintains a lovely rhythm.

I also really love him in the barn. He is the type that cares less about his buddies. Stands nice in the cross ties when his buddies are outside ripping up and down the field for whatever reason (Letterman is bad!). He loves attention and would do anything for a carrot. He needs to get fit before we can do any harder work but he has all the things to make a lovely amateur horse.

Corcho is my kind of ride. Total event horse/jumper type and built uphill with a nice short back. I like these short coupled horses as they feel like sports cars to me. He is really filling out and starting to muscle up. I imagine he will be absolutely stunning with just a bit more time on him as well.

I have been really working hard to get him to stretch down over his back and reach for the bit instead of drawing himself up. He can make himself feel short but it takes time to build the muscles in the right shape. I’m impressed with his progress so far.

We are working on that right lead and I can now get it using the pole and he does change the lead as well. I still  feel a bit of right hind weakness but I am thinking that this guy raced quite a bit and didn’t get a bunch of let down time so it could very well be muscular. The whole breaking out of the starting gate and racing thing is very hard on their bodies.

Here is the video for him-

He has such a nice canter. I imagine it will be awesome when he gets stronger. I didn’t jump him because he just got tired. I always try to remind myself that it is important not to push them to hard or too fast. Doing things right from the beginning results in a relaxed and happy horse.


One response to “New pictures and video of Ridge and Corcho

  1. Ridge is such a doll baby. Corcho looking good.

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