CANTER horses show off for NBC

Last week was pretty busy as we spent almost any moment not at work cleaning our house and farm for the arrival of NBC. They came down on Friday to interview CANTER Mid Atlantic for a story that will run during the Breeder’s Cup coverage.

We started in the morning at my farm. They took some footage of Corcho having a vet exam to illustrate how CANTER  investigates soundness issues before horses are adopted out. I had felt a little weakness on that right hind with Corcho and we wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything major. He did have an enlarged right hind ankle which was a bit oddly shaped. He didn’t feel sore on it to me but you just never know what is in there unless you take a xray. We went out and did some flexions and jogging and he was 1 out of 5 lame on the right hind. However, the flexions showed he was sore up high (above the stifle) which is exactly what I had felt all along. This is something we often find with horses that are recently off the track. The act of racing and breaking out of the starting gate can put a strain on the muscles in the hind end. We decided to x-ray the ankle just because we felt that any buyer would ask about the ankle and it is always easier to have an answer on what has caused the enlarged shape. I tend to hold my breath for xrays. They make me nervous!

The news was excellent. There are no chips, no spurs and overall just minor inflammation of the sesamoid in that hind ankle (Sesamoiditis). This is a common injury that you see in racehorses due to the high stress put on the ankle during racing. Corcho only shows a minor narrowing of the joint space and slight remodeling. The interesting thing about sesamoiditis is that it can quiet down with rest and the bone will heal itself. This is not at all career limiting (except for racing).

Corcho was a total clown for the cameras. He was so relaxed even with the cameras right in his space. The film crew was very impressed with so impressed with him. He was also so good for his flexions which my vet appreciated 🙂

They interviewed me and our super friendly barn cat decided she must be part of the footage.

Our course they wanted to talk about Letterman and how I picked him. Letterman was on his best behavior (notice he is cross tied in the wash stall though 🙂 )

We finished up and headed over to Silk Farm to do the 2nd part of the interview to show where the horses are being rehabbed. They are some of the luckiest horses as our CANTER layup farm are knee-deep in grass and are just horse heaven.

Gib and Jinjalad look at the camera

Mr. P.B. is a total clown. He mugged for the camera and chased all the horses away so it was all about HIM 🙂

Allie was interviewed at Silk Farm.

For the last part of the filming they went to visit with Amy Smith. Amy volunteers with CANTER MA and also bought a CANTER horse. They took some footage of her riding to show the final part of the process-rehab, retrain and resale.

This will all be condensed down into a 3 minute segment which will run either November 2nd or 3rd. We will be sure to keep you posted on the air date.

5 responses to “CANTER horses show off for NBC

  1. That is so cool! Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Excellent! How wonderful that the CANTER program will get some publicity on a major network–that is huge! I hope it reaches a lot of people and shows them how wonderful (and non-crazy) OTTBs are. Please let us know when it will air. 🙂

  3. very cool, can’t wait to see 🙂

  4. Jess, that is so cool. Is there anyway for those of us out of your area to see it?

  5. Hope all the CANTER ponies made it safely through the storm!

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