Was the first one a fluke?

After the first show that Ridge went to, we had a hurricane that dumped 10″ of rain on us and then last week we had another storm that brought more rain. Riding has been hit or miss but thankfully Ridge is the type of horse that just doesn’t care a little bit about a consistent schedule.

On Thursday, I remembered there was a hunter show this weekend at the local indoor. I personally dread hunter shows but will do them if I have to 🙂 I thought Whitney would be interested because she is a person who loves hunter shows and just showing in general. She was so excited so plans were made.

Ridge got his bath nice and early this morning and off we went. He was a tiny bit jazzed up in the outdoor ring which cracks me up 🙂 His silly is trotting faster like a giraffe. He saw a grey pony and just had no clue what to make of it. This is him a bit awake.

The wonderful thing was we didn’t have to wait to long for our warmup so we headed into the indoor. He walked into the indoor like he had seen one before and was flat-footed and relaxed. There were tons of people and just total chaos. I counted a few falls that resulted in loose ponies and horses one of which ran right up past Ridge. He seems to thrive in this environment. He was on a loopy rein just having a trot around. Whitney tried to squeeze in a few jumps with people going every which way. He just hopped over everything very quietly.

There wasn’t a lot of room to work with during the flat classes but he didn’t seem to mind. I was most impressed with his jumping because I really do not drill the jumping with him at home. He is still so green and lacking in muscle that I have focused on forward and straight rather than jump..jump..jump. He doesn’t look at the jumps and although he still jumps with legs going every direction you can just see his natural talent shine through. He never gets flustered and he just gets better as he goes. He sleeps in between classes and then happily goes in the indoor away from the crowd like it is just no big deal. He is so grown up for a 4y at his second show.

He is figuring out how to work his parts and it is so cute!

Tired horse will all of his ribbons

We haven’t advertised him yet as we just wanted him to get stronger, fitter and gain some weight and muscle. It is really hard to believe he only has two months of retraining under him. He is a horse that is so easy that you almost have to tell yourself to just take your time. He is now ready to move along into his new home. I can tell you there will be some very sad people when he goes.


6 responses to “Was the first one a fluke?

  1. He is the bomb! I hate hack classes – they’re crazy. What an excellent boy!

  2. So sweet …and funny. I wish MJ had just a little of that sort of brain.

  3. We went to the first show in this series and we said we would never go back. The older lady that owns the place I guess she was a total disrespect to Kim. In the outdoor arena is where our classes were and there was total chaos there so I cannot even imagine the indoor oh my God. At schooling time in the outdoor arena horses and riders were crazy. no ring etiquette. people falling off and the trainer didnt even yell her rider was down while people were flying over jumps ever which way but loose. Kim was the one who actually had to yell to stop everything rider down. What idiots!! And there were many many reasons we are never going back there. That was going to be one of our winter series However not anymore. And then the lady made Becca pay because an entry was entered wrong instead of 18 inch rails and under they put her in 18 and younger rider. So Kim went up there and got Beccas money back. Then she got smart with Kim saying not to mention all of you just came up at one time in your trailers and didn’t have the Courtesy to pre register which was half way done. So anyways to make a long story short we are not going back there to that series in particular. And another funny thing was we overheard the judge ask one of the other trainers ask oh they can’t have their Martingales own in the flat classes. Pow And I where last to go in the 2’6hunters division and I swear to God we had loaded up all the horses and were out of there within 25 minutes tops. And they kept placing the people they knew. In my division Kim said there were trainers riding like tens of thousands of dollars worth of horses. But our Pow boy placed 2nd and third Against those expensive horses. So way to go Pow boy, you and Canter for giving me such a wonderful course. I never got to see their indoor however it lookedlike big boy would have had to start turning going over the jump so he wouldn’t run in to the wall. However I have heard there is a great hunter trainer out there. The name Bradley rings a bell that probably is the last name, have you ever heard of her? We are just not going back because of the really really old lady that had no manners and made plenty of money off us during that day because it was a few riders and then a ton of this. So I just wanted to add to the chaos or should I say humor of the day. However your boy did an outstanding job and he will make someone an awesome horse. I’m watching the video and was like OMG if that wasn’t chaos I do not know what was and he did not act like he reminded one bit. So he is definitely a hunter horse in the making and one to watch out for in the future. Way to go Jess and I forgot the riders name but she did outstanding job on him.


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  4. Awww, he is soooooo CUTE! And he jumps like stink; his little knees pop up to his ears. If I could afford another one he’d be on my short, short list.

  5. What a cutie pie. You can just see him trying so hard! Also, that pony zooooming around the warm up is adorable!

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