Facebook posts from CMA horse owners

This might need to be a weekly feature. I am a facebook stalker of my former horses and their new connections. I absolutely love hearing about people enjoying their horses. Not everybody does facebook so some are emails.

Alison owns CMA No Time for Love and these are just a few of her posts. He has been out on 6-7 foxhunts now with a few different hunts and is doing so well. He also won a blue ribbon at his first show!

Took CMA No Time For Love to his first show. He was perfect and won a blue ribbon.

Love, the new horse, had a great day of Hunting.  Incremental forward baby steps each week.  He can stand still for 37 seconds!  Last week it was only 22 seconds.  Today he conquered his first 3′ gate, with a WIRE over our heads holding the gate posts together.  I was definitely more impressed than he was by the circumstances.

Great Hunt today on the 4 y.o. No Time For Love.  5th time out and he learns each time.

Another Allison who owns CMA Rockin Fun:

Had to report that CMA Rockin Fun was great today…hadn’t been ridden in weeks, went on a hack down the road with a friend and me next to him on my bike with my son on the back, stopped to see the neighbors who put their 20 month old little girl on him, who cried then gave him lots of kisses, was almost chased by a dog, and was great!

Allie Conrad who owns CMA Track’s Protege:

I love that I can pull my Trickles out of a field where he’s been on vacation for 8 weeks, pull his mane, toss him on the trailer and go for a lovely mosey in the Foundation on a loopy rein. Best.

My post about CMA Letterman’s Humor:

Very thankful to enjoy a gorgeous ride with the hubby today. The Radnor Paper Chase was fun and Letterman couldn’t have been any better. Junior…well some things never change 🙂

My mom had a great paper chase on CMA Flint Hills as well.

Post of CMA facebook page about Ridge Amour:

CMA Ridge Amour was a superstar at his second show. I could go on about him forever but just go and read about him here 🙂  https://dixierumble.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/was-the-first-one-a-fluke/


I got a great email from Jim Griffin that Bling is doing so well leading 2nd field with Wicomico Hunt Club. He has had him out on several staff hunts and two full hunts where he led the 2nd field. I find it VERY impressive that Bling is leading 2nd flight because that is a tough job and he is still so green. Jim really has a good one!

Nice to hear such wonderful things about all the CMA horses.



One response to “Facebook posts from CMA horse owners

  1. Cma Hold that Halo took 2nd place at Blue Goose combined test 2 weeks ago.

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