Quick update on the boys

Ridge had been going better than ever and had a bunch of people scheduled to come and see him when he decided to get a tiny little puncture wound on his knee right below the joint. I did have the vet come out because anything near the joint isn’t anything to mess around with. He has a bunch of heat and swelling but isn’t that sore. So far..knocking on some wood..temp is normal, appetite good, healthy drainage and not appearing to have a joint infection. He stands perfect for his daily dose of naxcel. I am hoping by this weekend he can get back to work.

We have decided that Corcho needs some more turnout time. I think with all horses it is important to listen to your gut. I would not even say that Corcho is drastically sore especially to an untrained eye but to me I know that he is sore in the hind end. He more than likely has some sore muscles up high that need more time to heal. When horses hurt, they are cranky and they don’t want to work. What I have found about Corcho is that he is absolutely the sweetest horse to work with but when you start pushing him in the work he just gets a bit angry. You would too if it hurt and it will just get worse if I keep going. It is easy enough to just turn him back out and give him the time he needs to heal so that he looks forward to having a job. In his defense, he didn’t get much turnout time like most of our horses do so I think that is more than likely why we are bumping up against this problem.

I find that racing is extremely hard on hind ends and that can take a while to resolve especially in horses that were successful (dare I say they push a bit harder from that hind end). All of our CANTER horses get at least three months of turnout time which does wonders for letting them heal both physically and mentally. When the vet looked at Corcho she did not think it was hocks, stifles or ankles. She said it looked up higher and more than likely was muscular. It can be hard to diagnosis those types of things so good old turnout can heal like none other.

I think the plan will be for me to pick up some more horses to bring down to work with when I drop off Corcho. I think Ridge will sell so I need to have some replacements. I am a bit bored with not many horses to ride but a bit of a break has been nice.


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