New Arrivals

This weekend I took a trip up to our Buckeystown, MD farm to drop off Corcho and bring home some new horses. I was a bit low in my numbers and getting bored with only two horses to ride. Ha, I shall regret this when we are in the middle of winter!

I haven’t been up to this farm in over a year because we have had plenty of horses at our Centreville, MD farm but everything that I had over there was recently donated or not quite ready for retraining.

Allie picked out a few for me to bring home that she thought were ready to get started and I brought home a recently donated horse that just needed some more individualized attention due to his slightly aggressive nature.

Estrella Corredor came to my farm and he is adorable! He is a 3yr and I would say he is 16h but I didn’t stick him. He is super sweet and very sensible. He loved the grooming session when I pulled his mane and clipped his nose, ears, bridlepath and legs. Good boy! He got a nice warm bath and was really enjoying himself. He had a little lunging session and we walked over all the jumps in the ring without even a glance. I think he will be a really nice horse so I am excited to get started with him. This is a horrible cell phone picture but just an idea of what he looks like.

I dropped one off at Centreville farm until Ridge sells. I didn’t want to get too full at my farm so he will just hang out but I think Ridge will sell soon (if people ever come to see him!).

The aggressive horse had just come from the track and I truly think he is all bark and no bite. He more than likely will not be an ammy horse but luckily he is fancy enough that it won’t matter. We took him out for a little video before the farrier showed up to pull his shoes.

He got his shoes pulled and will just get to hang out and be a horse for a while. It is amazing what good old R&R will do for them in terms of changing their attitude.



4 responses to “New Arrivals

  1. Dear Santa, please bring me an uphill horse like this for Christmas! Wow!

  2. Estrella Corredor is so, so cute. Really looking forward to hearing how he progresses. If he wants to be a hunter, he may have a future home waiting in MA 🙂

  3. That Bear horse can flat out move! He has a fantastic walk! It will be fun to see how he develops.

  4. Wowza, cranky Bear has major moves. I’m sure he’ll turn into a pussycat and use his powers for good.

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