Chiro yesterday and dentist today

I wrote about Estrella’s and his attitude problem yesterday so I thought I would offer some thoughts on that this morning because last night was a reminder to me that once again it is important to step back and look at the big picture.

I always figure that these horses are body sore/muscle sore and when they exhibit grumpy behavior, lack of forward, kicking or anything else I always look at physical reasons first. If you are reading this blog you probably like Tb’s and one of the reasons that I love Tb’s so much is that they have such an amazing work ethic. If they don’t want to work than I assume there has to be a reason.

Estrella is muscled in all the wrong places which means either he developed in a strange way, was ridden incorrectly or he carries himself that way because he is sore in the body. I have been taking it easy with him and establishing all the buttons on the lunge line because I figured he need body work and the chiro couldn’t get to me yet.

She said everything in front of the ribs needed work and he started out angry with kicks and mean faces and when she finished he was chewing and relaxed. I was eager to see how he would do with a bit of lunging and I truly believe there was a big difference. He was forward, happy and willing to work.

Hard to see under the lights but he is a really good mover and after his chiro session he had a lot more reach.

Of course I love CANTER MA but one of the reasons that I think our organization stands about some of the rest is that we do take the time to sort all these things out before we market the horses. This is a really nice horse but without taking the time to get him on the right track I think he would resent his rider. I always think about what I write about the horses because I don’t ever want people to be turned off a horse but this really is the reality of training young horses. I NEVER hold their early behavior against them so it is important to look at the big picture.

When I stepped back a bit last night to look at him I was easily reminded how many good traits this horse has and that in a month from now he is going to be amazing. He is big, pretty, nice mover, super brave, sensible, very willing and loves people. I take him out and work with him under the lights in a spooky ring when all his friends are inside and he could care less. He is the type that will walk up to something scary to sniff it instead of running the other direction. He is clearly growing right now and I think he will likely be 16.1 when he finished. I can fix his neck and the rest of his body is quite cute. He also takes his training really well and when he is bad he sharpens right up when I tell him to knock it off 🙂

I think when these young race horses come home and get turned out in the field the almost get a bit feral again. They think they are done working and it can take a month or so to get them back on track but once you do then you are golden.

He will get his teeth done tonight and we will be riding tomorrow.

Ridge also got the chiro and she said everything felt good but he was a bit stiff in the shoulder and neck which is what I feel. He did feel much better after she worked on him. I am starting to get some left bend!!!!

It will be a busy weekend getting updated pictures and video of all the horses but I am looking forward to showing their progress.


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