A good old mystery lameness

I really despise mystery lameness in horses. All lameness is cause for concern but when the problem isn’t something that you can easily find than you start getting a bit worried.

Ridge had a slight lameness in the right front. No heat, swelling or anything apparent that stood out.  We gave him some time off and started him back and all seemed well but then this little nagging shortness was there in the right front. I had a feeling it was in the shoulder just based on the way he was moving and not wanting to reach forward all the way in the stride.

The vet was out yesterday and he did block to the shoulder so we know what is bothering him but we don’t know why and it requires a trip to a bigger clinic/vet hospital that has the equipment to x-ray/ultrasound a shoulder. He was only 1 out of 5 in terms of lameness but any degree of lameness is not a good thing. He had no reaction to anything in the lower limb but he did really protest bring that shoulder back behind him. It could be something very minor but without doing further diagnostics we don’t really know what is best for him. You hope it is just something simple like a pulled muscle that will just require some rest.

I feel bad for him because he is a horse that really wants a job and right now he is bored out of his mind.


2 responses to “A good old mystery lameness

  1. I hope he will be okay – he is so cute!!! Good luck

  2. Going through that now with Vinnie, except I know what caused it – a kick in the chest/shoulder. Enough to make a person bang their head against the wall.

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