Letterman is back and update on my new horses

It was a fantastic start to 2013 because I was able to get on Letterman. He is getting some growth on the frog and the sole of the foot but he is still wearing the metal hospital plate for protection. I take it off every three days and treat the foot and generally just try to keep it clean and dry. He was so happy to be out and about. Right now he is confined to my smaller stonedust paddock all by himself. Mainly to keep him out of trouble and also a dry spot for his feet.

I lunged him a bit to start and he had his tail up and was showing off his fancy trot. He cantered around like a pogo stick just bouncing away. Too funny. He was as spooky as he could be to ride which is normal when he hasn’t been out to the ring in a while. He was giving everything the hairy eyeball.

I am probably convincing him not to go shooting off in either direction here. He was like a bouncing ball.

I have really been having fun playing with Hope for Spring who I am just calling Big Red. Pitiful but I am not very good with names and he is the only red horse in the barn. This guy just has a top notch brain and feels way more broke than the five rides we have on him. I have taken him out on the trails and he is awesome. He is just one fun horse. We gave him a clip job and it makes him look much thinner. Right now I have them on a light work schedule while I am fattening them up.

I am working on getting him off that right leg but that comes in time.

I have been trying to resist the urge to bother Jazz who was just off the track when he arrived. He has put on a good amount of weight and has really relaxed. We did get on him once and he was just lovely. Very quiet and straight forward but since then he has just gotten to hang out and be a horse. I thought I would do a little lunging with him yesterday and for the heck of it we played around over a little jump. It is a real shame he isn’t athletic 🙂

I threw that black barrel in there just to see how he would react because it gives you good insight into their braveness for an eventing career. He just came around and jumped it bigger. Very smart horse and so talented. He belongs in an eventing career.

Faz is getting some time off to recover from the abscesses. It is good to have two that needed a bit of time so I can focus on a few. The goal is to sell them on when the right homes come along. I am thrilled with them and having a lot of fun. Knock on wood the weather has been cooperative. Rainy but not that cold.


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