Corey found an awesome home!

You know that you are doing a good job when your friends send their friends to shop. Alison (Owner of CMA Top Punch and CMA No Time for Love) had told her friend Kim about CANTER and Kim was impressed by Alison’s horses.

She will be using Corey as the all around fun horse where she will foxhunt, event, compete in local hunters, trail ride and more. She was impressed by his great brain and willing attitude. I got a text that he has settled in really well and she rode him yesterday and he was perfect. Yay!

All of my project horses have sold and went off to their new homes as well. I am down to five horses in the barn today but only one rideable….yep you guessed Letterman is lame again. He had gotten such nice growth on the hind feet that I turned him out with Junior and Bear. All was well and then he came up a bit sore. The ground was super hard so I figured the feet were bothering him because I could find nothing else. He went back to solo turnout where the ground wasn’t chewed up.

Wouldn’t you know that as soon as the ground unfroze I could immediately see that we were dealing with a front end lameness that had gotten much worse. He has a nice knot on the outside of his cannon bone that looks like another SPLINT. Letterman…oh Letterman. Vet is coming out today and likely we will xray it to see what is going on. He just can’t behave in the field. He loves to play blanket tag, fake halter tag (no halters on in the field) and he just plays and plays and plays some more. I guess he might just be one that can’t get turned out with others but that kind of bums me out. I like for horses to interact with others but I also like my horses to stop racking up vet bills and earn their keep 🙂

It is very frustrating because although I really love riding all the other horses there is something to be said about riding your OWN horse 🙂 I really enjoy riding Letterman so I am bummed out. I am shopping for another resale project for myself just to have something of my own to ride again.

I will also be bringing CMA Halfway House (that is his name and I LOVE it!) over to the farm this week to get restarted. He is a cool dude that I briefly met when I shipped him down from our MD farm. I mistakenly thought that Ridge would sell and I would restart Corey and Halfway House but Ridge didn’t sell so it was one at a time. It will be warm the next few days so I will get him all cleaned up and ready to go. Very excited to see what he is all about.

Allie told me that I should just take a break but I really don’t know how to do that. I am so bored with only having Junior to ride. I did got out trail riding with him yesterday and he is a ton of fun. He has limited use due to his fusing hocks and bone spurs in the knee so I feel guilty pushing him too hard in the ring. See..I need more horses 🙂


2 responses to “Corey found an awesome home!

  1. LOL. It’s really not funny but I feel your pain. My mare got a splint as a teenager because she thought she could keep up running with the young fillies in the field.

  2. You do a great job Jess not only with the horses however with the humans as well. I guess your what could be called a matchmaker. You really know how to pair up your CA horses with their possible new owners. I guess as the saying goes either you have it or you don’t. Well I will definitely say you got it. Keep up the good work and know you are appreciated for what you do.

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