I’m going to guess this one is really quiet!

I always say that the first few days tells me quite a bit about a horse. We headed over to pick up Halfway House at the CANTER farm yesterday. We grab him out of the small field where the farm owner left him for us. He greeted us at the gate with ears up and a nice expression. We got him out and as I went to let the horse out that was keeping him company, two of the other horses ran in there. I was trying to get them out of the pen but they were running, bucking and acting like loons. Kurt was holding Halfway House and he was falling asleep waiting for me. I gave up and just left the darn gate open and sent a text to the farm owner about the silly horses who didn’t want to get out.

It was dark by then and we loaded right up on the trailer. He never looked around, never hollered to his friends and just seems more interested in an adventure than anything else. We unloaded at home and he walked right into the barn with confidence. Went out and met Ridge and started eating some hay.

Tonight I get him out for a beauty treatment. The barn sounds like it will blow down as we are having wind gusts and things were blowing around everywhere. He stood sleeping in the crossties while I pulled his mane, clipped his ears/legs/muzzle and banged his tail. He was so relaxed and he already knows what cookies are 🙂

Then he got a nice bath and he let me clean his sheath! He LOVES playing in the water and was drinking out the hose and spraying water on me. Total goofball already. This guy has a big personality and boy is he sweet.

He reminds me so much of Areutrue (former CANTER horse) in his looks and personality. I didn’t stick him but I would say he is 15.2ish but wide. Very excited to get on him!!!! I am going to be shocked if he is anything but a packer.


3 responses to “I’m going to guess this one is really quiet!

  1. I want him already 🙂

  2. How’s Letterman? Waiting for an update…he’s one of my favs to read about!

  3. So, where’s the picture?

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