Now I own a CANTER Pa horse

Hey, I do my job at supporting other groups 🙂 Sue Smith, who heads up CANTER PA, does an amazing job. They list so many horses and she really knows her stuff. They don’t have any CANTER owned horses but as always the best people to talk to about horses/trainers at the track are CANTER volunteers. I reached out and told her what I was looking for and she gave me a few she thought I would like. Sue had a favorite and of course he was the one that I instantly was draw to as well.

There was something about this guy that just made me say he was the one. I don’t know how you know based off a picture but that is the risk of buying horses at the track. I bought him and had him shipped down on Thursday. He is every bit as lovely as I imagined he would be based on the pictures. 16.1 or 2 with nice feet, nice bone and he is just so sensible.

Meet Legendary Bravery

He walked off the trailer and looked around with such a pleasant expression. I stuck him in the riding ring to let him have a trot around and he strolled all around very quietly. Didn’t look at the jumps or the “scary” corner. Lovely mover but is a bit track sore in the behind right now.

He will get to see the chiropractor and dentist here shortly. My plan will be to just do some nice walk/trot trail rides to get that hind end built back up. He is very cool and I am excited to ride him.


6 responses to “Now I own a CANTER Pa horse

  1. We hope he is everything you wanted and more. We’re looking forward to meeting him in person when the weather improves.

  2. Oh wow. He is lovely. I am super jealous and wish I were ready to buy. Lots of updates, please, for vicarious living!

  3. Bay’s are my favorite – he looks great

  4. He is absolutely stunning!! Congratulations!!


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  5. Sue is the best! and so are you!! Have fun with him~

  6. He’s a doll! love Sue – she’s the best.

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