Put your hoof boots on and get going

I have been neglecting the blog mainly because I think I am just a bit grumpy. Most of the horses on the farm are lame and it is hard not to let it bother me. Yes, I just bought this lovely gorgeous horse but he is getting some well deserved R&R so even he is not in the riding rotation.

I spent the last few days getting Legend and Halfway House in top condition. Worming, feet done, teeth done and chiropracted! They should be feeling like a million bucks here very shortly. I think Halfway House already felt pretty darn great but who doesn’t feel better after a visit to the chiropractor. I just went to see my own chiropractor this week and what a difference!

The farrier and I decided that Halfway House had just lovely feet so we didn’t put shoes on him. Just another benefit of having a horse that has been allowed to have quality time to just let down before getting restarted. My farrier was smitten with Halfway House. He kept saying that people were going to buy this horse right away because it was just so obvious he was a good boy.

Yes, I think that is why he is already a bit of a barn favorite. My friend came over to ride with us the other day and she got on Halfway House. I think because he is only 15.2 you could be led into thinking he isn’t that fancy. However, one turn around the ring and you immediately recognize he has all the tools of a very nice horse in the making. Forward thinking with good gaits and just willing to do anything you ask. He rides much bigger than his size and he is vey comfortable. I like that he is just super professional. We joked that it is often the difference between 4yrs and 5yrs. A year can often make a big difference in the work ethic 🙂

I have been taking him out trail riding as well and he is like a sports car. I am using the hoof boots to make sure his feet are comfy on the rocks and it seems to work like a charm. On our first trail ride we got off the trailer and were presented with this:

We do have a lot of Amish in our area but I have never seen them near this trail spot. I wasn’t quite sure what he would think of this but he didn’t even seem concerned. He stood like a rock while I got on and off we went. We walked right past the “scary” buggy and random horse tied to the tree. The amish horse was super cute and was very interested in us.

As I expected, Halfway House was very brave. He led the trail and didn’t look at anything. It was a crazy busy day on the trail. We passed four other sets of riders, people with dogs, random amish kids popping up out of the woods and so much more. It would have frazzled some horses but he didn’t seem to mind. We did a bunch of trotting and cantering and he was super. He did get a bit more anxious on the way home but all that resulted in was a bit of jigging but very polite jigging. On this particular trail, we ride up and turn around and come back. Mr. Smartypants knew when we turned back. He was polite and eventually relaxed and went back to a loopy rein and walked along quietly.

Due to the weather, I haven’t had a chance to jump him as much as I would have liked but not much I can do about that. I did sign up to do a gymnastics clinic tomorrow….um yeah and he has only jumped one or two x-rails. I did tell the clinician he was VERY green but this horse is super smart and willing to I just consider it to be a good outing. No pressure to do anything more than bop around some poles.

I should be able to get some pics and video of this little outing. I have the day off work and I am off to look at a horse and then back to enjoy the warm weather before we get snow again????


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