Halfway loves to jump and Ridge has a new home

I was jealous watching Whitney ride Halfway the other night over the new course. We had set up a new course with flowers, boxes, gates, grids and more and he just skipped around despite having done nothing more than jump a x-rail in the past. He just has such a wonderful attitude!

I switched the bit back to the duo as I thought he looked a bit backed off in the KK loose ring. Sometimes with these things you just have to play around to see what works and what doesn’t. His flatwork is absolutely coming along but he is a horse who needs to develop those muscles to stretch down. I warmed him up on the flat and at first he was stiff in the neck/back but I added some baby lateral work just pushing him from the inside leg to the outside rein. Wow, that stiff left side is so much improved!

I couldn’t get any sort of softness on the left before and now we are getting some consistent work where he wants to make the right shape.

I think this is his 5th time ever jumping 🙂 Wow, what a good boy!!! He is obviously still green but now instead of wiggling every which way he is looking down the middle of the fence and starting to commit. Love that!

We even cantered in the lines and we cantered coming into a line. I know that I am doing a lot of ads in the lines but right now I want him to just be relaxed and quiet and not chasing him down the lines. He has a very big GO button in there so I am trying to just let him know jumping is just another part of flatwork and not a reason to get excited and go racing around. You can always gear them up but it is hard to gear them down.

Man, I must have watched the video 20x last night and I need to rip my arms off my body. Posting with the hands like a beginner. It shows that riding has been hit or miss all winter and it is time to get back in boot camp.

Halfway  looks very cute so we shall just focus on him 🙂

I had another fantastic ride on Legend last night. Let’s just say I was glad it was getting dark because this clip job is one that needs to be hidden behind the barn for a while. Ridge and Legend spend all day rearing up and biting at each other so from neck up he has tons of tiny little  bite wounds making it impossible to clip. Not to mention he had the worst coat with this nasty matted hair that grew in every direction. I think he feels better now that he is clipped.

Halfway and Legend are so opposite which makes it fun! Legend is still so weak behind that even though I am tempted to ask him to stretch or maybe pop over some jumps, I am resisting the urge. He needs more muscle. He breaks into the canter because just pushing from behind is hard for him right now. He has such a HUGE stride! The canter is just so amazing. Wow, I could ride it all day long. We are hitting the trails this week with him. I just wanted to get him relaxed with the whole mounting block thing before we got out in the open.

When I ride him I have this running dialog in my head…wow, I really want to keep him..geez this horse is going to be a very fancy hunter…he will sell for a nice price..I need that money to pay bills..I really want to keep this horse…gosh I love this horse…omg this canter is ludicrous…this trot is huge..what a cool horse..man people will go nuts over him…I hope he jumps as nice as he moves..think Kurt will let me keep him….geez I know the goal is to sell him.

I really loved the Hope and Jazz (my last two resale horses) and while they were nice there is something really special about this one. I think he could make a top hunter if he jumps as good as I think he will. The hunter people look for a horse with that canter rhythm that just never changes and a horse that just carries themself level without needing to do much to them. I am NOT a hunter person at all but I am going to take him off for a lesson in a few weeks once I get him stronger to see if I am on the right track with him. I am sure he could do about anything but there is good money if you have a nice hunter. Especially with all the new TB shows and classes. There are big name barns looking for these nice hunters.

I got to spend some quality time with Looker working on his mounting block fear. He wasn’t a fan of people standing above him. Dummy me took him out with just a regular lead shank on and when I stood up on the mounting block he bolted off and wouldn’t let us catch him for 15 min. Added the chain shank (seriously..duh he is a just turned 3yr right off the track…I should know better!) and he became a puppy dog. He is such a cool horse and isn’t scared of anything! I jumped him over all the jumps in the ring in hand and he was amazing!!! Then we spent lots of time going up and down the mounting block and just moving the block all around him and standing over him and laying over him. He was so relaxed by the end of all this and was yawning. Oh poor boy..did that running around like a loon tire you out? Too bad! He has now figured out the cross ties and is learning about life off the track. He is really sweet and I am teaching him that treats can be yummy.

I had to laugh that while Looker was flying around the ring just getting it, Ridge was just standing there watching him. Look at that idiot! I am just going to eat my hay. I had Kurt stick Ridge in the barn thinking that may help Looker pay attention to me. Most horses may be worried about being away from their buddy but Ridge just hangs out in his stall. It did help Looker focus a bit more which was good!

Speaking of Ridge, he has a new home!!!! Sometimes things just come together like it was all meant to be. He will be a friends dressage/trail horse and is actually going to stay at my barn. I am so thrilled because I LOVE Ridge and I get riding company too.

I hope I get some interest in Halfway. I think the smaller height makes it harder but he is so cool. He wants to event and do the jumpers. He is a total sportscar! I need to advertise him on a few more sites.


3 responses to “Halfway loves to jump and Ridge has a new home

  1. Oh my gosh!!! Halfway is going to make some lucky person VERY happy! Wish it could be me…

  2. Jess, congratulations on both selling and keeping Ridge at home. Also, thanks for the nice comments and pix of Ru and Bling. Call me if you can get off work next Wed and want to go hunting at O’Neals on Ru. Pat will be coming home from a conference in Ca. that day. Hunt will start at 9am, I will ride until 11:30 then come in to help with frying oysters, french fries, etc.

  3. Love reading the horsey comments. Halfway House is so cute. Lookout had his scenarios of running away when he was a yearling/early 2yo. Once he figures out he’s ok, he’s totally cool. That’s what happened to us, and seems to be with you. Also, your photos are coming out great with your new camera!

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