Jumping machine!

I took the day off work on Friday just to relax at home. I spent some time lunging Looker for the first time and surprise he knows how to lunge (both directions!) which was nice. No more fear of the mounting block. He also LOVES to jump and was trotting through the cavalettis on the lunge line and jumping some little jumps. Too cute!

My mom brought her two boys over in the afternoon. We rode Legend and worked with Halo in the vienna reins working on getting him to stretch down in his back a bit more.

I had a full day so I saved Halfway for Whitney to ride. She wants to show him at the TB show on April 6th since I will likely be riding Legend that day and they will all be in the same classes.

I had brought out the flowers and the brush for the jumps earlier in the day so I couldn’t wait to see what Halfway thought of it all. Needless to say he thought it was just no big deal and if anything he jumped way better. He is one that likes bigger fences and because he is so brave he is already bored with xrails.

The cat was under that jump just a minute before…

Here is a video

Such a good boy and just so brave.

He got a light day yesterday and today he gets the day off. He has been working hard and I don’t want to overdue it with him.

I got to take Legend out for his first trail ride yesterday and he was awesome!!!!! So brave and just ultra relaxed. He needs to build up his hind end so we will be hitting the trails quite a bit.


2 responses to “Jumping machine!

  1. Love it!! Ramsey was a STAR today in his first hunt

  2. If you ever need a trail partner, let me know. Always looking to go out

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