Trail ride to Wye Island

The best part (okay and sometimes the worst part) of selling horses is the interesting people who I get to meet. I have met people from all over the country, many who came across me through reading this blog. Last year, I met Rebecca and her friend Dee when they flew from Utah to try out Burg Hill. I could already tell they were my kind of people just in a short phone conversation. Down to earth, love Tb’s, understand the training process and 100% knew what she was needed in a horse. I generally can tell if a horse is going to fit when I talk to somebody and sure enough it was a good match. Burgiss now Fergus is doing great.

We had talked about them coming back and going for a trail ride one day. I was excited for them to come down but I admit to being a bit nervous about my horse selection and the weather. I knew that I could count on Junior not to scare my guests. Who else would I take? Halfway house!

I suppose you are wondering why I was worried about Halfway House. I wasn’t necessarily worried about it but the goal of any trail ride where you are taking guests who are on VACATION is to have fun and relax. Halfway can get a bit on the muscle (totally harmless) or at least he did on the first trail ride. We all know Junior is not the world’s quietest horse when other horses around him are geared up. Kurt is totally used to handling him but I wouldn’t expect others to know what makes him tick. Ridge hadn’t been out trail riding much recently but I know he is behaved.

There really wasn’t much worrying about choices because I was down to the only three rideable horses. It was cold and slightly windy but the sun was out. We tacked up at home and headed off. When we started out Ridge and Halfway were a bit peppy. I felt bad for Rebecca..nothing like sitting on a horse that you don’t know to make you a wee bit nervous. I promised her that he would settle. Halfway was feeling fairly relaxed. Both Ridge and Halfway were a bit unsure about the various swales and slopes we had to go up and down. You would ride along the road and then have to go up or down to get into the fields. They weren’t at all bad just checking it out. Junior was brave and gave them leads!

Dee loves Junior 🙂

Ridge relaxed after a bit of trot

It was a busy day out there and we passed cars, bikes, people walking, people on horses and “baby strollers.” Well I should say that Junior passed the baby stroller but Rebecca and I decided to go around the other way because it was very narrow path and there were several children and the mom pushing the stroller. One of the kids was swinging a big stick. We just decided we didn’t need that kind of excitement!

View between Halfway’s ears

Very cool trail that leads down to the water

Heading back

I have to say the boys are all quite good. It has been a long winter where they haven’t gotten out much and Wye Island is totally wide open. It often promotes antics but for the most part they were all relaxed. Halfway wanted to canter but mainly because he canters to match Ridge’s stride. Junior did let two big bucks fly on the way home because I got slightly ahead of him and it pissed him off. It wouldn’t be a good trail ride for Junior if he didn’t rip at least a buck.

We were out for about 3hrs..maybe..well my knees and my butt said we were. We were all ready to get off. We let them have some grass and then got in the truck to eat the yummy food that my awesome hubby packed for us.

I was very excited that I didn’t kill my guests and they say they had fun 🙂 It will make for a good story! Junior and Ridge were quite tired the next day. We went out to ride them and this is what we found-


One response to “Trail ride to Wye Island

  1. Rebecca Macchione

    We had a fabulous time! And yes, Ridge and Junior, we wanted to lay about on Sunday also. Sorry we brought you that little snowstorm on Monday……
    Can’t wait to come visit again.

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