Long overdue show report

Life has gotten a bit crazy here lately and I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write. The show was awesome! Wow, I was really impressed with the show grounds. I had never shown at Winter Place Park and it was a gorgeous set up. Really great for a big show. They had two huge grass rings set up with the nicest courses. Each ring had its own warm up ring (you know how important that is for cutting down traffic). They also had a dressage ring set up away from the jumping rings which was great for those people who just wanted to stay away from the chaos. The people were fantastic. The footing was great. It seemed like everybody enjoyed the show.

Our tentative plan was that we would compete Halfway and Ridge in one jumping division and then do a few dressage classes. However, it didn’t quite work out like that because the jumping classes ran over into our dressage times. Probably for the best as it was a long morning. I am not really into the whole hunter show scene but the girls love it. Whitney wanted to leave bright and early (5:30ish) so they had time to warm up. Uh!

We got there and Ridge and Halfway seemed to be fairly relaxed. This was Halfway’s first show and Ridge’s third show. Halfway was very awake but seemed to be very sensible which was awesome. You just never know what you are going to get at a first show so you prepare for everything. I brought the lunge line out just in case it was needed.

I told the girls to just go out and have a trot around and canter if needed. Nothing worse than trying to make a tense horse walk around. Just let the move and don’t really worry about their heads or anything at first. The warm up was quite busy with horses jumping down the lines and just the general chaos of a warm up ring. Ridge was very relaxed (LOVE him!) and Halfway was behaved but forward. Forward is always his response to his nerves but now that he knows how to use the energy to round his body he was much more rideable.

The jumps in the warm up were set at 2’3″ which Whitney and I were just a bit unsure of in terms of how Halfway would handle it all. He is a brave horse but has never seen jumps decorated like this. We warmed up over the x-rail and vertical gate in the small warmup area and then started with one fence out in the big ring. Yeah, he totally didn’t even blink an eye. I don’t think he even noticed all the decorations or maybe he did and just thought this was way too cool and proceeded to jump around like a champion. This horse seriously impresses me with his willingness. His new owner got one heck of a nice horse!

Ridge hadn’t been schooling jumps at home at all. His owner’s daughter was riding him in the show and our plan was to just do the x-rail division and maybe not jump. He really wasn’t fit and I don’t like to overface them.

Halfway was competing in the 2ft division. He was so good! Yes, he really isn’t a hunter but all that matters is that he went in and did his best. He had some awkward jumps but we had just started jumping out of the canter so for a horse with 2 months of training what more could you ask for!

In between classes he stood quietly just hanging out. That is huge for him because he is a horse always on a mission. I think he realized his job was to just chill and then go jump and then chill again. Smart!

He didn’t get any ribbons but we expected that at this point. It was a bit of a rush to get him ready for this show with minimal training so I am just thrilled that he went there and rocked around the jumps.


Ridge is just such a relaxed horse. His flat classes were packed! There was a horse near him running backwards and spinning and I think maybe he took a little look at him and rolled his eyes in contempt. Ridge doesn’t have time for fools.

Ridge pinned 4th in the huge walk/trot class. I thought he would pin in the w/t/c class but he didn’t and I wasn’t really sure why. Ha, see I don’t know this hunter stuff! He looked good so that is all that matters. His new owner was absolutely thrilled with him. She has been enjoying him and I took her out on her first trail ride on him this weekend and there may have been happy tears as we cantered down the trail. That is what it is all about!!!!!!

The added bonus of the show was seeing Ramblin Romeo in action. He was the really cool horse that Bev from Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue found at New Holland we ended up taking in. Such a classy horse with a great brain. He was 2nd in the large leadline class and placed well in the 2’3″ hunter derby and handy hunters.

The horses and people were all exhausted so we left around 1pm. Most of the girls fell asleep on the way home. This horse showing is hard work.

Halfway will leave for his new home this week. I will be bringing the next batch of CANTER horses over the first week of May.






One response to “Long overdue show report

  1. In the immortal words of Kermit, “It’s not easy being green.” But Halfway’s video was about cute…very brave and willing!

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