Do we sense a theme?

Back in December, I was browsing facebook and saw a really cute horse that caught my eye. He just seemed to have the look that I liked and a good brain. He was right off the track and they had done a quick riding video. He was with his breeder so they had his whole history and just said he was super easy. Ran 3x and was slow! I ended up buying two others so he went out of my mind. He popped back up on facebook and I was ready for him this time. There was a new video and he looked even better. He had almost five months off which was perfect because I wanted something ready to go right now.

I really like dark bays or bays with white but generally I am shopping for geldings over 16h, age 3-6 and sound with no vices..You know the same thing that everybody else is looking for 🙂 I just try to buy horses that speak to me for whatever reason. I am generally buying off a picture and if I am lucky a video. It has to be a horse that I think I will enjoy riding and a horse that I think will be easy to sell with some more retraining. Basically a horse that is easy and quiet enough to be ridden by most riders. I am not necessarily looking for the “fanciest” horses but more or the less the types of horses that will be fun for most people to bring along.

He arrived (His name is Ball Park World and we are calling him Slugger) and I held my breath as he came off the trailer. Okay, not quite the 16.1 h that he was advertised at (he is just 16h) but he is actually a way better mover than I had even hoped that he would be. Walked right in and started to eat. I turned him out and he just casually trotted around. Excellent!

He is just 4yr old and looks very young in his face. He is super adorable. Just picture him with muscle and a neck that is muscled correctly 🙂

He is just so easy to ride and super eager to please. We went out on some trails before I left for vacation and he was so brave. Jess rode him for me when I was gone and gave him high remarks. He is already reaching into the bridle and is so fun to ride. I think he is going to be so nice.

I now have a barn full of bays with white 🙂 Ha, I have a type.

The really exciting news is that Letterman is coming back to work!!!! I will be taking my time rehabbing him as that splint is still remodeling.

Halfway is doing good in his new home. I will be bringing a new CANTER horse home this week. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 responses to “Do we sense a theme?

  1. He is super cute!

  2. Oh boy, very cute Jess! Do I dare think he looks a bit like Shoes with that baby face and cute body?

  3. My favorites are bays too, I have a buckskin quarter horse too and found out he is a dulited bay!!! I have a bay OTTB

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