He makes for good before and after pictures

Gib was listed for $5000 on CANTER. I was making a trip up to get Ridge and I happened to ask his trainer if she wanted to donate. She said actually she would because he was running out of conditions and she needed the stall. I sometimes get very passionate about particular horses and he was one of them. He just had the look of a horse that had all the right pieces to be a true upper level candidate.

He looked like this at the track:

He arrived in July of 2012 and just hung out for a bit. I went to see him in early September and he looked like this đŸ™‚

Yuck! You can see they lose the overall body condition. It can be really hard to look at a horse in this condition and see past it.

The next set of pictures that I have are from February of 2013.

We can’t see his neck because of the long mane but overall body condition better and filling out. I looked at him and thought he ready for work but I wasn’t quite ready for him at that point.

Here are his conformation photos from this week.

They do slowly rebuild their muscles and I would almost venture to say he looks better than his track condition. Now we get to build some muscle and boy will he be stunning!

He was great for the first rides. No muscle obviously so he is weak behind but he feels so powerful and eager to work.

Free video-

and riding

Right now horses aren’t sticking around long. Slugger aka Ball Park World left for his new home today. Sad to see him go but his new owners are amazing people and he is going to love it there.

I said I was going to wait a bit and sell one more of mine before buying something else but a friend sent me some pictures of two nice horses so we will see how it all pans out.


3 responses to “He makes for good before and after pictures

  1. Wow, he is cute, amazing before after and after pictures, they change so much

  2. Love this one, Jess. He is stunning and definitely an upper level prospect.

  3. Ashlea and Splash

    He is really cute :). I like him a lot!

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