Don’t be scared of colts

Yesterday I taught a lesson to Ridge’s owner and boy was he amazing! You know the work is paying off when it all comes together. She was absolutely beaming and that is what makes it so worthwhile.

Jess rode Gib while I was teaching the lesson and he was really looking good. Such a classy animal! I plan on introducing the side reins to him today on the lunge line and the riding. Now that we have him settled into work it is time to start to ask for a bit more.

I had sold Ball Park World aka Slugger last week and right after he sold I got a call from my contact up in NY about two horses she had coming in. I had gotten Hope and Jazz from her and they both were amazing. She really has a great working relationship with a trainer up there to ensure a nice supply of sound but slow horses. These were both 3yr  colts who were sound but slow. One ran once and the other twice. Was I interested? Uh, man I had plans to put that money away to finish off my lunging ring but she said they were really nice horses. Kurt and I  talked it over and agreed they had to be really nice for us to do it. She sent some pictures and I agreed to buy them on the pictures. I know she knows my type and she said they would be great resale projects for me. 

I don’t get worried about horses that may not be gelded for personal projects. Gelding is a relatively easy process and most horses at the track don’t realize they have “man” parts. They can sometimes be a bit nippy but the younger one’s aren’t too bad. We can’t take them at CANTER because our lay up farms are just big fields and often mixed herds or mares nearby. I have been turning them out together and they are both super easy with great manners. Not studdish at all. Both got manes pulled, clipped up and a bath yesterday. We took some quick pictures.

Lansingburgh is simply gorgeous. He is about 15.3 right now and just stunning. Even prettier in person than these pictures. Very typey TB with a gorgeous head and neck. Really nice mover.

Mister P J is just as nice but is absolutely in a growing phase right now and is a bit butt high. He is just over 16h and I think he is going to be a big boy. He seems so relaxed and confident in himself. He is a cribber (which I knew when I bought him) but I am not really bothered by that. It can make selling harder but sometimes a nice horse is just a nice horse and you can’t worry to much. I have had a lot of cribbers so I can easily live with them but I know some people won’t.

What is interesting is that they both have really nice thick tails. Most of my young horses come in with these weedy little tails. Nice to have pretty tails. Ha, how vain is that 🙂

I just really enjoy having a farm full of nice Tb’s. We all feel blessed that we are lucky enough to ride such classy horses every day. Each horse is nicer than the next and they are all NICE!

I mean how can you not enjoy looking at this face every day? This is Elusive Sky and I just adore him.


7 responses to “Don’t be scared of colts

  1. PHEW. the first colt is STUNNING. Drool all over my keyboard!

  2. Yum! Really like the bay.

  3. The bay is absolutely gorgeous! I love that face!

  4. Oooooooooh I love gray geldings!!! 🙂

  5. So who is the elusive sky horse. Love that head shot

  6. nycountrygirl


  7. Three lovely tbreds who are all most fortunate to have landed in such capable hands. Looking forward to following their progress !

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